Australia relies on tourism to survive, so instead of booking your annual Bali trip this year, stay home. Visit a new city. Visit a new state!

Get ready to explore what’s on your doorstep. Come and see this great land. It’s time to holiday here this year.

Whether you head inland, coastal or fly across the country we’re here to help you support every Aussie who relies on tourism. We’ll take you into the tourism hearts, visit local restaurants and bring much-needed money into tourism communities.

This great, vast land of ours is so much more than the tragedy we’ve seen. So, book today and book ahead. Australia is open for business, and so are we.

  • Kangaroo IslandSouth Australia

    Kangaroo Island Wallaby

    Kangaroo Island is as beautiful as ever. The fresh sea air will fill your lungs as you explore this stunning island. Explore wildlife parks, delightful coastal towns and the wonderful beaches. Local farms and wineries are waiting to fill you with delicious goods. Purchase a treat to take home and stock up on gifts for your friends and family.

  • Blue MountainsNew South Wales

    Blue Mountains View

    From afar these mountaintops are glowing blue. Large eucalypt forests secret oils that change the reflection of sunlight giving the illusion of blue halos. Visit the dense forests here and wander amongst ancient trees at the stunning scenic world. Explore the underground wonderland that is the Jenolan Caves. Head into mountain villages and enjoy home-baked sweets with warm coffees. The Blue Mountains are stronger than ever and are looking forward to welcoming your family.

  • Canberra – Australian Capital Territory

    Canberra War Memorial

    Australia’s capital has had a hard run of it lately, but the city is alive and pumping. Australia’s colonised heritage is here, explore the National War Memorial and learn about the country’s rocky history at the National Museum. So much more than just politicians and political parties, open your mind to everything Canberra has to offer.

  • Launceston – Tasmania

    Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

    Ahh, Tasmania, the (sometimes) forgotten cousin of Australian states. But do not be fooled, there is so much to explore on the island state. Visit the idyllic lakes and mountain peaks of Launceston. Explore country lanes, art towns and look for local wildlife. Launceston has the great food of a city and the charm of a country getaway.

  • Mount BullerVictoria

    Ski and Snowboarder, Mount Buller

    As the summer fades away, our Alpine areas will open for snow season. Be sure to head up to the snow this winter for an exhilarating escape. Mount Buller is the perfect escape for the seasoned snowboarder or the first-time skier. With classes available for newcomers and plenty of alpine tracks to choose from, Mount Buller is perfect for everyone!

  • UluruNorthern Territory

    Uluru from far

    Uluru is an Australian icon. The gigantic monolith is imbued with cultural significance and heritage. Learn about Anangu culture here and experience the vastness of the Australian outback. Experience the changing colours of Uluru at sunset and sunrise or venture out to Walpa Gorge to explore desert incredible fauna. For years Australian’s have said to themselves, I want to go to Uluru one day, so stop thinking, stop procrastinating, just book it in!

  • Daintree RainforestQueensland

    Daintree Rainforest with Ferns

    So often we think of Queensland as swimming, beaches, beautiful coral and sandy sunsets. And while these are all certainly key players in Queensland, the northern state is also home to some amazing rainforests! The Daintree is one of the oldest rainforests in the world and has more biodiversity than any other region in Australia. Wander into the lush Daintree and experience a new Queensland. We promise you won’t regret it!

Australia is open

As you can see, Australia is open for business. And there are so many more amazing places to see, we’ve barely touched the surface! So, book your holidays here this year. Have a spontaneous weekend away, explore your backyard, and really get to know how amazing this country is.

Don’t hesitate, book your Holiday Here today.

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