Atherton Tablelands

Tropical North Queensland is recognizably one of the most exciting and vast regions to visit when you are in Australia and the Atherton Tableland sits at the very heart of this region.

Best Atherton Tablelands Day Tours

The spectacular Atherton Tablelands is located 2 hours from Cairns and is one of Queensland’s tropical region. Here you will find a combination of lush wet tropical rainforest, sweeping volcanic landscapes and vast waterfalls.

Take in the spectacular natural wonders of this tropical region by exploring the cascading waterfalls and lakes. Be in awe by the unusual volcanic features of this region and as you wonder through, be delighted by the surrounding wildlife of the Atherton Tablelands.

Experience in firsthand the natural wonders of this superb region, through the various swimming locations and volcanic craters. Take a famous hair flick shot at the Millaa Millaa Falls, or simply enjoy a quick swim at Dinner Falls.

There are many activities and attractions to enjoy and see at the Atherton Tablelands. Whether it’s on the water or just on the land, the choices here are exciting. On a typical Atherton Tableland tour, you will get the opportunity to explore the rainforest and go for a quick dip on multiple swimming locations.

  • A guided rainforest walk
  • The opportunity to encounter widlife animals in the rainforest
  • The chance to swim at Milla Milla Falls and Dinner Falls
  • Exploration of Curtain and Cathedral Fig Trees

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    Atherton Tablelands Tour offers an action-packed day filled with ancient rainforests, stunning waterfalls and extinct volcanos!
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