Sovereign Hill

If you ask anyone who grew up in Melbourne where their favourite school trip was, there’s a high chance they’ll say Sovereign Hill!

The storybook town of Sovereign Hill is an immersive outdoor museum, and a day tour here will take you back to the famous Gold Rush of the 1800’s, a historic event which was hugely responsibly for shaping the future Australia. The Gold Rush saw immigrants travelling to Australia from all around the world to get their hands on the large amounts of gold discovered underground.

Last Minute Day Tours departs from Melbourne to Ballarat 4 times a week, so book in to visit a unique town frozen in time that the entire family will love. Be sure to pick up some delicious raspberry drops from the lolly shop!

Sovereign Hill & Ballarat Tour Highlights:

  • Immerse yourself in history with goldfield characters and heritage sets
  • Pan for gold in the creek
  • Visit an underground goldmine
  • Learn the history of the Eureka Stockade
  • Visit the much-loved old fashioned lolly shop
  • Comfortable, luxury coach transport
  • Friendly and fun guide/driver

All admission fees to Sovereign Hill and the Gold Museum are included in the tour cost.

Be sure to wear your comfortable walking shoes and pack your camera, as this tour gives you plenty of time to explore the area in depth and also includes a stop in the town of Ballarat.