Best Places to Visit in Queensland

The sunshine state is called so for a reason. Make your way to Queensland for a tropical Australian getaway!

From tropical beaches to lush rainforests, Queensland is one of the most biologically diverse regions in Australia. Queensland is also home to one of Australia’s most famous attractions, the Great Barrier Reef.

Top Things to do in Queensland

There are so many wonderful things to do in Queensland it can be hard to narrow down the list but we’ve done our best to show you just a few!

  1. Brisbane – Queensland’s capital, Brisbane, is a beautiful city merging turban life and wide-open green spaces. Explore the thriving food districts and enjoy a delicious meal with the famous Queensland hospitality. Brisbane’s art scene has been booming in recent years, swing by the pub on a Friday night for awesome local musicians or spend the afternoon wandering through independent art galleries.
  2. Gold Coast – If it’s the beach life you crave then the Gold Coast is for you! Learn how to surf at the famous Surfer’s Paradise. Golden sands span for kilometres with people from all across the globe enjoying the cool crashing waves. Partygoers will also love the Gold Coast with a pumping nightlife featuring world-class bars and pumping clubs.
  3. Daintree Rainforest – Explore one of the worlds oldest and largest rainforest, the Daintree. The 135-million-year-old rainforest was first formed on the supercontinent Gondwana and today homes some of the most unique native plants and animals in all of Australia. The world heritage listed rainforest has so much to explore from stunning waterfalls to lush canopies and stunning hidden beaches. Visit the beautiful Cape Tribulation where the rainforest meets the sea, exploring this distinct region.
  4. Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef – Your gateway to tropical Queensland, Cairns is a wonderful part of Australia. Here you can explore the beautiful Great Barrier Reef. The natural wonder must be seen to be believed. Enjoy a day in the sea, exploring the colourful reef as you snorkel or dive. The Great Barrier Reef is a bucket list place for people across the globe and it’s easy to see why.Enjoy delicious meals in Cairns, complete with fresh seafood and local ingredients. Support local businesses lining the foreshore or spend a few days sailing along the reef in a liveaboard diving experience. Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef are the gem of Queensland and cannot be missed.
  5. Fraser Island – Just a short boat ride from the coast is the extraordinary Fraser Island. The longest sand island in the world is the only place you’ll ever see a rainforest growing on sand! Spending a day on this paradise will excite you to no end. Watch as pods of dolphins jump across the horizon or take a dip in the wonderful Lake Wabby. Fraser Island has an eclectic collection of native wildlife for you to meet both on land and in the sea, so keep your eyes open for some beautiful animals on this stunning island.

Attractions in Queensland

Queensland has a wonderful collection of places for you to explore. No matter what region brings you to Queensland, just a short trip away is somewhere amazing for you to enjoy!