It’s the cheesiest day of the year, with people flocking to get flowers, chocolates and gifts. But why not get your partner something they’ll really remember?

There is nothing more beautiful than the coast at sunset. The sky lights up in burnt orange and the water glistens under the horizon. The Great Ocean Road is beautiful regardless of when you visit, but head down at sunset and oh boy it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before!

  • Joining our sunset tour

    Enjoy a much-deserved sleep in with a pleasant mid-morning departure from Melbourne. Laze around in bed before enjoying a delicious breakfast and making your way into the city for your 11 am pickup.

    Energised and ready for an adventure, you’ll make your way down to the Great Ocean Road. Twist and turn along the coastline, following the natural curves of the land. You’ll travel inland until the bush opens itself, revealing the treacherous coastline. Your driver will get you acquainted with your surroundings with small anecdotes and information about the area.

  • The Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie

    Is there anything more romantic than chocolate and strawberries? No. There is not.

    Head into the Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie for a delicious bite to eat. Try some of their free samples and be awed by their wall of chocolate. Watch as talented chocolatiers work in the chocolate working shop crafting spectacular works of art. After you’ve had a wander around, sit down for one of their famous hot chocolates, complete with a delicious hot chocolate shot!

  • Continuing down the road

    Stocked up on goodies, you’ll continue down the Great Ocean Road a bit further. The bus stops to have a look for wild koala and kangaroo before continuing to the seaside town of Apollo Bay. Here, stroll along the beach with your feet dipped in the water as soft waves lash at your ankles. Be sure to grab some lunch, we recommend getting some takeaway to eat on the sand. What better way to enjoy a meal than on the sand together looking out over the sea.

  • Go for a stroll

    Moving on, take a pleasant walk through towering ancient trees and ferns in the Otway National Park. Stretch your legs as you explore the ancient rainforest, the sounds of birds and distant waterfalls serenading you as you go. You’ll think you’ve entered a new magical world the rainforest is so enchanting. If you’re lucky, you might even see some local wildlife flying between the branches.

  • The big finale

    Finally, head to the stop you’ve been waiting for. Learn all about the Shipwreck Coast and the beautiful story of Tom and Eva. It’s not a love story, but it’s still an incredible tale of bravery, and Eva does find her love in the end.

    After exploring the Shipwreck Coast and Loch Ard Gorge, you’ll arrive at the 12 Apostles. Soak in the breathtaking views and watch as the sun sets behind this great formation. What better way to enjoy a sunset than with your loved one looking over one of Australia’s most beautiful coastlines?

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