Best Places to Visit in Victoria

Planning a trip is thrilling, the anticipation quickly begins to build as you start to plan your itinerary. Most people who make their way down under already have Melbourne on their places to visit list, however, Victoria has so much more on offer than just its beautiful capital city.

Top Things to do in Victoria

Don’t be scared to venture outside of the city, Victoria has some amazing attractions all within a couple hours drive from the CBD. Head out to the coast and explore the stunning Victorian coastline, discover the Australian gold rush at Sovereign Hill, and watch the nightly march of the little penguins at Phillip Island. You’ll love every piece of Victoria.

  1. Melbourne City – The first thing on your agenda should always be a city tour! City tours are a fantastic way to get your bearings in Melbourne. You’ll not only see all the iconic sights but also plenty of local favourites for you to return to. After a morning city tour, you’ll be ready to take yourself on a hunt for more hidden gems!
  2. Great Ocean Road – Did you know the world’s longest war memorial is in Victoria? In fact, you might have even heard of it without realising! The Great Ocean Road runs along the coastline connecting Victoria and South Australia. To your right, you’re engulfed by beautiful rainforest, to your left, surf waves crash against steep sandstone cliffs. Hear the stories of this shipwreck coast and discover the country towns that line this special road.
  3. Phillip Island – This small island, just an hour from Melbourne, is perfect for a seaside day trip. Explore lush koala sanctuaries and wild seal colonies along the coastline. Complete your day at the Penguin Parade. Each evening hundreds of native little penguins make their way up the beach to their burrows.
  4. Grampians – Lose yourself in the stunning Grampians mountain range. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of top tourist spots to get up close and personal in Australian nature. Breathe in the crisp country air, smell the native trees and keep your eye out for local wildlife. The Grampians are filled with fantastic hikes and breathtaking lookouts, so grab your walking shoes and get ready to go!
  5. Mount Buller – Snow skiing in Australia? That’s right! Mount Buller is one of Australia’s top snow destinations. Head to the peak for your ultimate winter getaway. The mountain hosts a feature of amazing tracks catering for all experience levels. Who would have thought you could come to sunny Australia and go on a skiing trip!
  6. Sovereign Hill – Victoria was home of the Australian gold rush. Take a trip to the living museum Sovereign Hill to learn all about the Eureka Stockade and the impact of the gold rush in Victoria. Go panning for your own gold or travel down into the original Ballarat mines. Sovereign Hill is a super fun day out for all ages!

Attractions in Victoria

Victoria might be one of the smallest states but it is one of Australia’s biggest attractions. There are so many wonderful things to do in Victoria, so book your flights to Melbourne today!