Things to do in Great Ocean Road

The renowned Great Ocean Road is a stretch of highway that spans along the Victorian Coast of Australia. It is famous for both locals and tourists, taking travellers through an array of wildlife, attractions and towns. It is one of the world’s best coastal road trips on offer.

How the Road Began

The road started construction in 1919 and didn’t finish until 13 years later in 1932. Most of the workers on site were the returning soldiers of World War I, who built it as a permanent memorial to those who died in the war. The road was also built to connect isolated towns that was scattered along the coast. Promoting more tourism and timber transfer within the area.

The Length of the Journey

The Great ocean road begins at Torquay, which sits at the east end along the coast. The highway winds through the jagged cliffs for 243km until it hits the small-town of Allansford. Although the beginning of the Great Ocean Road doesn’t start until you reach the coast, a common starting point is in Melbourne. This extends the trip an hour and gives the travellers a chance to see the stretching farmland and country towns before reaching the shoreline.

The best points to stop at

All the attractions on the Great Ocean Road are superb, but there are a few that are essential when travelling there. The most popular stop along the way is the 12 Apostles, the famous collection of limestone rock formations that tower above the sea they rise out of. These rock formations will eventually disappear due to the continuous sea and wind cutting away at them, so they are well worth the visit while they are still in prime. Australian wildlife is flooding the area, including the much-loved koala. Stop at Kennett River and stroll along the walking track where you can spot the Koalas lazing about amidst the trees. Keep your eyes peeled for other animals scattered within, including the colourful lorikeets and laughing kookaburras. Hidden gems that aren’t as well known include Airey’s Inlet Caves or the isolated beaches along the way including the Sunny Meade Beach.

How to take the Journey

Bus or car is your best bet! If you are the independent traveller, hiring a car and making your own way down is always a fun idea. If doing this though, we h2ly suggest staying the night at one of the many towns. As driving the 8-hour journey can be more tiring than fun in the end. There is an array of accommodation options along the way. If you are just interested in a 1-day adventure, many travellers choose to join a tour instead. This gives you a more relaxing adventure, as you can sit back and relax on the bus, taking a cat nap to and from Melbourne. Travelling with a guide can also give you a better understanding of the history and culture of this land.

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