The pristine beaches and lush rainforests of Phillip Island lend themselves perfectly to the native creatures that live there.

Here, visitors have plenty of opportunities to get up close and personal with Australia’s most iconic critters against a stunning backdrop.

For animal lovers, no Phillip Island tour is complete without a trip to the Maru Koala and Animal Park, which is home to many of the Phillip Island animal residents. The park provides visitors with the chance to interact with the country’s best-loved wildlife, including kangaroos, koalas, dingoes, wallabies, emus, and wombats.

On top of interacting with these incredible creatures, visitors can learn all about the unique habitats and behaviours of them too. There are opportunities to watch the animals being fed, or you can sit in on one of the talks from a knowledgeable handler who will share stories about the critters.

Getting to Know the Wildlife at Maru Wildlife Park

  • Cuddle a Koala

    One of the most popular activities at the Maru Wildlife Park is cuddling a koala. These cute and cuddly creatures relax in the crooks of eucalyptus trees all day, lazily chewing away on leaves and watching the world unfold around them. Visitors are able to wander along the designated boardwalk that meanders past the eucalyptus trees and get a closer look at the animals.

    You can also go inside the enclosure with a handler and hold a koala for the perfect photo opportunity.

  • Feed the Kangaroos

    Australia’s most iconic animal, the kangaroo, is a firm favourite at the Maru Wildlife Park. Visitors can give being a keeper a go by helping to hand feed these fascinating creatures.

  • Try Out Sheep Shearing

    Phillip Island boasts a laidback, old-world farming lifestyle that is still very prominent today. On the island, you can witness rural Australian life in action by taking in the livestock and watching a traditional sheep shearing show. Throughout the event, you’ll get to watch an experienced sheep handler work their magic while learning more about the farming process in this part of Australia.

  • Get Involved

    If you want to experience the wildlife of Maru Park during an extended stay, you can volunteer for the day as an animal handler. This means you’ll get to help feed and look after the creatures while the handlers share snippets about their habitats and behaviours.

Phillip Island is a must-visit for animal lovers, and the Maru Wildlife Park is the best place to start your wildlife adventure.

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