The Flecker Botanic Gardens, also known as the Cairns Botanic Gardens, are the perfect place to enjoy tropical plants in the heart of Queensland.

Just a ten-minute drive from the city, the Flecker Botanic Gardens are a green, tropical oasis. The gardens feature a magnificent 38 hectares of native gardens filled with marvellous trees, flowers and shrubs from across Australia and the globe.

Created in 1886, the gardens are well established and maintained, making them a particularly beautiful area to spend an afternoon. Some of the rarest species in the world can be seen here including the Amorphophallus Titanum. You won’t have any trouble finding it as it’s leaves are a mammoth 7 metres wide and weight up to 70 kilograms!

Smaller gardens

The Botanic Gardens are broken up into many smaller themed gardens, making them easier to explore. Head to the Aboriginal Plant Use Garden and learn all about the ways in which native plants were used for shelter, food, medicine, weapons and tools among many other uses.

Join a tour through this garden and learn about the 40,000-year history of Aboriginal people in the area and the significance of the land and the plants it cultivates.

The Fitzalan Gardens are named after the first long-time caretaker of the gardens, Mr Eugene Fitzalan. This garden is comprised of three mini gardens and a lily pond, connected with mini foot bridges. This garden is a fantastic place to sit down and enjoy some quiet time with many nooks and crannies for you to hide away in away from the crowds.

Gondwana heritage garden

One of the most popular gardens is the Gondwana Heritage Garden. The unique garden follows the evolutionary path of the plants found it todays tropical Queensland rainforests. The garden places particular emphasis on the development of the endemic and distinct plants in Australia’s wet tropics.

Rainforest Boardwalk

The rainforest boardwalk transports visitors back in time to what Cairns may have looked like pre-invasion and colonial settlement. The ecosystem which once dominated this area has sadly been destroyed, but the environment around this boardwalk is some of the little original landscape that remains. This area is home to an endangered native plant known as the Layered Tassel Fern.

This thriving native ecosystem is not only great for the plants but native fauna also. Keep your eyes open for the magical fairy wren which is known to frequent the area.


The gardens have plenty of free tours throughout the week that you can join to learn more about the wonderful plants on display. If you prefer to lead yourself, you can also download one of their many free audio tours. Audio tours will guide you around different areas of the gardens helping you to identify plants along the way.

Named after a famous Cairns resident and botanist, the Flecker Botanic Gardens are a fantastic addition to any Cairns trip. Spend your morning, afternoon, or day discovering these beautiful gardens and reconnecting with nature.

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