Known to locals as the Village in the Rainforest, Karunda is hidden in the thick greenery of the Cairn’s McAlister mountain region.

Despite its hidden region, the spot is quite a popular tourist site. With many tourists flocking to the lush tropical rainforest for a blend of nature, local charm, and exciting experiences.

For anyone visiting Queensland’s far north, a Kuranda tour is a must! Located just 25 kilometres to the west of Cairns, Kuranda is a picturesque mountain village surrounded by a spectacular World Heritage listed rainforest. This lush area can be explored on a Kuranda rainforest tour and offers visitors the opportunity to encounter some wonderful wildlife. Teeming with beautiful birds, butterflies, and a host of other well-known Australian creatures, the region is a must-see for all animal lovers.

The History of Kuranda Rainforest

Before the village, this rainforest region was and still is, the home to the Djabugay aboriginal people. With evidence suggesting they have been in this area for over 10, 000 years. In the early 1800s, the exploration of the rainforest commenced, with the Europeans looking for gold and timber to accumulate. Kuranda was first surveyed in 1888, with a railway and road built to help people move over the mountain. Soon, the village became bigger and Kuranda became the holiday spot for locals and honeymooners. In the 1970s a new kind of local came here to stay for good. With creative musicians and opening market stalls selling locally sourced produce and homemade goodies.

How to Get there

  • Driving

    Whiz up the winding roads of the mountaintop and reach high up to the great sights of the tropics. Here you can stop along the way and try out one of the many walking tracks hidden within the thick rainforest. However, make sure you research parking and fuel stations prior, as you can get yourself in a pickle if you don’t.

  • Sky rail Rainforest Cableway

    Undoubtedly the most popular route up to the village, the Sky rail guarantees epic views and an unforgettable journey. The cable stretches out 7.5 metres across the McAlistair Range, with each gondola fitting six persons each.

What you can do here

  • Riverboat Cruise

    Discover the lush tropical wildlife on the 45-minute riverboat cruise! Here you can learn about the history of the greenery as you slowly drift down the muddy stream. Discover the wondrous and unique creatures that roam both in and nearby the Kuranda River, as well as spotting the bright and beautiful flora bordering the edges. The area is almost completely unspoilt, with a large array of wildlife roaming about the waters, including crocodiles, turtles, fish, and more!

  • Bird world

    Immerse yourself in a world full of colourful feathers and musical squawks at the Kuranda Bird World. Here resides some of the rainforest’s most beautiful birds, from the Amazonian macaws, the endangered cassowary, to the cheeky cockatoos. A lot of these birds are quite friendly, being around humans for a lot of their life, therefore don’t be scared if one tries to hitch a ride on your shoulder.

  • Butterfly Sanctuary

    If you aren’t the biggest fan of birds, why not sub them in for butterflies? With over 1500 tropical butterflies held in the village’s tropical sanctuary; the area is a rainbow of colourful wings! Wear a colour top while you visit, and the butterflies will land straight on your shoulders thinking you are a bursting flower!

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