Things to do in Fitzroy Island

With pristine white beaches to frolic on, tropical rainforest brimming with wildlife and an underwater paradise waiting to be explored, there are many reasons why you should be visiting Fitzroy Island. The island is surrounded by fringe reefs, allowing for perfect swimming conditions in the turquoise waters. Its simplistic and unspoilt landscape is the perfect day trip for you to enjoy a hidden oasis with fun for the whole family to enjoy. The marine life around Fitzroy Island is diverse and features many vibrant fish and aquatic mammals, with the best way to see them being snorkelling in the calm waters around the island. For a romantic getaway or a family adventure, Fitzroy Island should make a top spot on your travel list, as it’s significantly less touristy than the neighbouring Green Island.

Where is Fitzroy Island?

Located in North Queensland, Fitzroy Island is approximately 29 kilometres from Cairns city and covers an area of 339 hectares. You can even see Green Island from a distance! The island sits adjacent to the Great Barrier Reef and is protected under the Fitzroy Island National Park. It’s recommended to start from the mainland of Cairns, where you can travel on a fast catamaran from at the reef fleet terminal at the Cairns Marlin Marina. It’s only a 45-minute journey until you reach the naturally stunning Fitzroy Island.

Activities to do in Fitzroy Island

Once you hop off the ferry to Fitzroy Island, there are an endless array of activities that will keep you occupied for hours on end. If you’re drawn to the sapphire waters, try your hand at snorkelling or diving or if you’d prefer staying above the waterline, there’s also kayaking and paddle boarding. One of the great things about Fitzroy Island is that there’s just as many activities for nature lovers as well. A walk to the rainforest which covers most of the island itself will find you surrounded by lush green canopies and singing birds. Find the secret garden walkthrough or trek the 1.2 kilometres to Nudey Beach, which was just last year named Australia’s Best beach.

At the Cairns Sea Turtle Rehabilitation centre, you’ll see the injured turtles that are being cared for there by volunteers. Take a glass bottom boat tour around the fringing reef to spot aquatic life such as manta rays, reef sharks and clown fish, which you may remember from Finding Nemo!


There’s only one resort on the island however its fully self-sustainable, and features rooms that start from budget friendly and work their way up to more luxurious living facilities. The 4-star resort is a tropical oasis with its own pool and swim up bar, restaurant on site, movie theatre and supermarket.

There’s only one other food outlet on the island, that being Foxy’s Bar. Here they’ll serve up delicious pub style meals and fancy cocktails with stunning views of the beach below. You can find Foxy’s Bar just a 2-minute walk away from the resort. You can even get some groceries from the local general shop and have a picnic at one of the lookouts.

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