The Blue Mountains is a sprawling natural masterpiece: a gorgeous wonderland of towering peaks, stunning waterfalls, tranquil trails and thrilling activities.

Things to do at Blue Mountains

Whether you’re gazing upon one of the country’s most famous landmarks at the Three Sisters, checking out the enormity of Katoomba Falls or getting the adrenaline pumping at Scenic World, there are plenty of fun and exciting adventures to enjoy on one day in the Blue Mountains!

Let’s take a look at a few of these activities below…

  • See The Three Sisters in person!

    The Three Sisters have long held a place in Australian storytelling, with the legend being told to primary school kids around the country. The legend has it that the three sisters were part of the local Katoomba tribe and that three brothers of the neighbouring Nepean tribe attempted to kidnap them for their hands in marriage.

    A bloody battle ensued, and a Katoomba elder sealed the sisters in stone to save them from their fate. However, the elder was killed in the fighting, and was the only one who could return them to their human forms. Thus, the sisters stand there frozen in eternity, and visitors experience this wondrous rock formation from the amazing Echo Point.

  • Head to Scenic World

    The Blue Mountains is a region of stunning views, and Scenic World is the thrillseeker’s way to experience them to the fullest. Scenic World offers a range of exciting, nail biting rides that allow you to view some of the natural wonders of the mountains from amazing heights!

    Whether you’re traversing downward on the Scenic Railway, the world’s steepest passenger railway, or going sky on the Scenic Skyway, a massive 270 metres above the valley floor, Scenic World is truly a place to marvel at natural wonder and get the blood absolutely pumping!

  • See the amazing Katoomba Falls

    The Blue Mountains, as well as housing some of Australia’s most majestic peaks, is also home to some truly magnificent waterfalls, the most famous of which being the ever-astounding Katoomba Falls. This gigantic waterfall encapsulates everything that is so special about the Blue Mountains, and makes for the perfect spot to hike to and simply take in its wonder.

It’s a truly magical part of the world

With so many joyous activities to experience in one day, it’s easy to see why people always want to stay in the Blue Mountains that little bit longer. Have a great trip!

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