Just walking distance from the famous Three Sisters and Scenic World you’ll find New South Wales most beautiful waterfalls, Katoomba Falls.

Getting to the falls

Take yourself on a bushwalk through the stunning Blue Mountains National Park and out to the falls. Starting at Scenic World, the Katoomba Falls Circuit Walk leads through luscious rainforests and to the falls for panoramic views of the Jamison Valley.

The walk takes approximately an hour to complete and has some steep parts, so remember to bring comfortable walking shoes. Look out for the green signpost to begin your walk, a wooden boardwalk will guide you.

Vainman’s Lookout

Leading to the falls you’ll arrive at Vainman’s Lookout. The lookout is the perfect place to soak in the beauty of the Three Sisters, the Kedumba Valley and watch Scenic World’s Scenic Skyway sail above you.

Learn about the Three Sisters and the Indigenous believes surrounding their formation. Local Aboriginal people say that three sisters fell in love with three brothers of a different tribe and that tribal law forbid them to marry. The brothers were not happy with this and chose to kidnap the sisters. A witchdoctor turned the sisters to stone to protect them while the tribes battled at war. Though he had intended to return the sisters once the fighting was over, he was killed and they remain in their stone form today.

If you’re there during the evening, be sure to watch as the sisters change colour with the setting sun. They seem to catch fire each night as the orange sun gleams on them. Once it has darkened they are lit by floodlights until late in the night.

The falls

Katoomba Falls are by far one of New South Wales best waterfalls. Flowing from the Kedumba River, the falls drop over 150ms from their peak, crashing into the Jamison Valley below.

The first place you’ll get a proper look at the falls is at Juliet’s Balcony. Just a few minutes from Vainman’s Lookout, many people accidentally walk past Juliets Balcony as it is no signposted. It should not be overlooked though!

Climb up a small staircase and you’ll be led to an enclosed rock platform and balcony area. You’ll be able to see the falls in their entirety from here, watching the water take the leap from top to bottom.

Following the track even further you come to the waterfall itself at Rainforest Lookout. See as the water crashes into the pools below and take a look under the falls. Stay here for a while and soak in the fresh air, the cool mist of the falls and the gentle, crashing sound of the water plummeting down the cliff face.

When walking the Katoomba Falls loop, be sure to follow the signs carefully or you may just end up on another walking track!

Katoomba Falls are sometimes overlooked by people visiting the Blue Mountains, but we promise that you will not regret taking the time to enjoy the stunning view. Katoomba Falls are an absolute must-visit during any Blue Mountains trip.

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