Sydney is Australia’s favourite tourist city: a wondrous town of majestic architecture, world famous beaches and plenty of cultural experiences to excite the senses!

Visit Sydney

Whether you’re climbing the glorious Sydney Harbour Bridge, kicking back on Bondi Beach or touring the ever-impressive Opera House’s hallowed backstage, Sydney is a town of things “not to miss”.

Let’s take a look at some of these amazing experiences below…

  • See (or climb!) the Sydney Harbour Bridge

    The Sydney Harbour Bridge is like no other: a giant archway crossing one of the world’s most beautiful harbours. Whether you’re seeing the bridge from one of the harbour’s many vantage points or taking part in one of the famed hairraising climbs, the Sydney Harbour Bridge has to be seen by anyone venturing to this great city.

  • Head to one of the city’s best beaches

    It’s true: Sydney is Australia’s beach city, with the likes of Adelaide and Perth’s pristine praias simply not making the grade of those of The Harbour City. Whilst it may not be home to Australia’s most untouched beaches, with that honour going to the more remote parts of Far North Queensland, it is home to some of Australia’s most lively!

    Be sure to head to the Bondi, manly and Coogee beaches, where pine tree-lined paths lead onto gorgeous sandy stretches with inviting water and stellar waves.

  • Tour the incredible Opera House

    The Sydney Opera House is probably Australia’s most instantly recognisable building, and its aesthetic fame often distracts from the wondrous events that place within its hallowed halls and theatres. The Sydney Opera House is home to a wealth of local and international events each year, from techno groups to tenor singers all gracing the stage to delight at one of the world’s favourite arts centres.

    One of the best things about the Opera House, apart from seeing one of these amazing acts take the stage there, is a backstage tour. There are plenty of options to choose from, with knowledgeable guides taking you beyond the stage to where legendary tales have taken place before, and after, the curtains have closed.

Don’t miss these wonderful adventures

Sydney is a city of wonderful happenings, with awesome events taking place year-round. But, whilst you’re there, be sure to take part in these awesome, unforgettable activities – they will help you remember The Harbour City for some time!

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