When you’re heading out to the Great Ocean Road there are a few things you should make sure you pack. So, here’s our packing list to ensure you get everything you need.

  • Light backpack

    The first thing you should have for any trip is a light backpack. Make sure to get one with plenty pockets to keep everything from getting lost in a gaping heap. Space on the busses is tight, so we recommend getting a bag approximately 10L in capacity. This should be ample room to hold your things and light enough to carry all day.

  • Camera

    One of the most important things for you to remember to pack is your camera! Remember to charge it the night before and put in an empty memory card. You won’t be swimming or underwater on any of our tours, so no need to bring your underwater camera. The Great Ocean Road is stunning, so you’ll definitely want to make sure you can take pictures.

  • Jacket and Raincoat

    The Great Ocean Road is a coastal destination and often there can be cool winds coming off the sea. Bringing a light jacket is a great way to protect yourself from cool breezes, as well as under the shade of the dense Otway’s.

    Additionally, we can’t control the weather and it’s always better to be safe than sorry, so pack a spray jacket just in case you encounter any rain.

  • Water Bottle

    On your tour you’ll be doing lots of walking and drinking plenty of water is super important. If possible, bring a 1L water bottle with you. It should be enough to last you sipping through the day and after any more strenuous walks you may complete.

  • Sun Gear

    The Australian sun is notoriously harsh, especially near the coast. You’ll most of the day outside and unprotected, so there are a few things you need to pack. Firstly, sunglasses will protect your eyes as well as prevent glare from the ocean. You should also wear a broad rimmed hat when outside to protect your face, ears and neck. Hats also help to keep you cool by providing a slight barrier from the sun.

  • Sunscreen

    Yes, this is technically sun gear, but we think it needs its own section. You absolutely have to wear sunscreen; we cannot recommend it enough. What a poor way to remember you day if you get sunburnt! SPF 30+ is the readily available in Australia so purchase some before your tour day. You should apply sunscreen to all exposed skin every 3-4 hours to best prevent sunburn.

  • Comfortable walking shoes

    Okay, so these won’t go into your bag, but you still need them! Our tours involve a lot of walking across all different types of surfaces. Sand, gravel, dirt track. Good and sturdy walking shoes are key to ensuring you don’t wake up the next day with sore feet. If buying new shoes, make sure you break them in prior to your tour to avoid blisters.

There are plenty of other items you may wish to bring with you, but we hope that this list helps you start to pack. We look forward to seeing you on the Great Ocean Road soon!

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