Known as Australia’s trendiest city, Melbourne is chock-full of chic lane ways, contemporary art, and endless amounts of cuisines and cocktails.

As the most diverse social capital in the country, Melbourne has blended together a number of cultures to form a unique Aussie city. Embracing all traditions, beliefs, and food to form the fusion signature Melbourne.

Voyage through the city of Melbourne and see the sights both day and night. Marvel at the architecture of the city buildings such as the Royal Exhibition Building, Parliament House and the Princess Theatre. Enjoy the natural attractions of the city at Fitzroy gardens, with stunning lush plant life perfect for a picnic date. Or cruise down the Yarra River, which is situated in the heart of the city, perfect to spot all the sights at once. Visit the Melbourne churches such as St Patrick’s Cathedral or St Paul’s Cathedral, both beautiful inside and out.

After a day, a weekend, or even a week within this fabulous city, where should you go next? It is a gateway for many attractions, including lush rain forests, sandy shores, and of course the winter wonderlands of snow season.

  • Mount Buller

    Mount Buller is undoubtedly the most well-known and popular snow attraction around Melbourne. Bringing thousands of travellers to its slopes every season. It is a three-hour journey from Melbourne to Mount Buller, promising scenic sights of thick bushland, mountaintop views, and the slow transformation from a green region to a white landscape.

    Regardless of whether you are a first-time skier or an avid snow chaser, Mount Buller has you covered. The slopes offer range from a beginner green runs, including the Bourke St and Burnt Hut Spur, blue runs for immediate, as well as the black runs for advanced including runs like Chamois and the back of Summit. There are lessons available for both skiers and snowboarders, no matter what your age or skill level is, so you can gain your snow legs before taking the route confidence. Also, there are pretty places you can hire ski clothing and equipment.

    It’s not just skiing and snow on the menu here, however, with the Mount Buller Resort bursting with facilities and activities for any kind of traveller. With lively restaurants and bars that stay open long into the freezing nights. Promising mulled wine, frosty beer, and mouth-watering dinners to warm you up. If you want a break from the slopes, stop into the cinema to catch one of the latest movies, or take a trip to the local museum to learn more about the region.

  • Lake Mountain

    Lake Mountain

    Lake Mountain is a little bit easier to get to, only being 2-hours from the Melbourne CBD. For families looking for a snow adventure, Lake Mountain is perfect for you. With daily activities and lessons it perfectly suits families or couples wanting a short trip away from the hustle and bustle of the city. For those looking for a no-fuss adventure, many easy activities for the whole family are offered, including tobogganing, flying fox, tube run, and snow play areas. Those who want to connect with the local wildlife can venture on the many walking tracks scattered across the area. With tough mountain climbs and short simple routes nearby the resort, there are hikes to suit every fitness and experience level. If you are interested in skiing, cross-country is the way to go, with Lake Mountain offering some of the best scenic cross-country routes in the entire region.

  • Mt. Donna Buang

    Located in the Yarra Valley, Mount Donna Buang is a couple hours drive from the inner city of Melbourne. Probably the best asset this snow resort has to offer is its spectacular view. Overlooking the town of Warburton, the resort has a 21-metre lookout tower, where guests can see incredible panoramic views of the Yarra Valley, Dandenong Ranges, the city of Melbourne, as well as the Alps.

    Apart from the view, Mount Donna Buang offers a range of activities depending on the amount of snowfall. If heavy, the place is swarming with families enjoying the snow and toboggan runs. If the snow is lighter, the area is a great picnic and walking region, with numerous walking tracks and picnic tables set up.

  • Falls Creek

    Falls Creek

    Nestled in the northeast of Victoria, Falls Creek is a resort town famous for its slopes and cross-country tracks. It is furthest from Melbourne, taking a whopping 4 and a half hours to get to. Despite this tiring journey, it is well worth the trip, home to Mount Beauty and the stunning Kiewa Valley. If your pockets are still full of savings, and you are looking for an unforgettable experience, Falls Creek’s helicopter service lets you travel from the city straight to the resort. Giving you spectacular views of the city turning to the country to eventually turning to a snow wonderland. If you’d rather an indoor winter vacation, Falls Creek offers spa facilities and fine dining experiences for those who would prefer to see the snow from the comfort of the warm and cosy indoors.

Regardless whether you are looking for a snow skiing adventure, a cosy winter vacation by the fire, or a nature walking trip, all these snow destinations have you covered.

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