The Great Barrier Reef; an attraction on everyone’s bucket list!

Home to 2,900 individual coral reefs and 900 islands, the Great Barrier Reef has the largest biodiversity on the planet. The area brings millions of tourists every year, promising impeccable attractions both in and out of the water. But where does one start when visiting one of the seven wonders of the world? With endless sites on offer, the Great Barrier Reef promises activities aplenty, leaving even the fussiest traveller satisfied.

  • Snorkel

    Simple yet satisfying, it’s no surprise why snorkelling is the most popular activity on offer. Just float on the surface of the water and dip your head under to witness the truly awe-inspiring wonderland that is the Great Barrier Reef. Not only is it the cheapest way to see the reef, but it is also the easiest, with even the most hesitant swimmers out there getting the hang of it quickly. They even include flotation devices, so young kids or non-swimmers can join in on the fun.

  • Scuba Dive

    Want to get a little closer to the action? Dive deeper and come face to face with the reef’s wildlife. Become weightless in the water, and skip having to travel up top to gulp for air, giving you more time to immerse yourself in this underwater wonderland. With dives offered to both newbies and certified divers, you can enter into a new, magical world for an unforgettable experience.

  • Boom netting

    An alternative to swimming through the seas is boom netting. What is boom netting you ask? Well, essentially you just sit in a large netted area attached to the rear of the boat. As the boat sets off, it’ll drag you through the lapping waters, letting you see the passing islands and reef spots. This activity is perfect for large groups as nets usually can fit ten or more people at a time.

  • Glass-Bottom Boat

    Not a water lover? No worries! See the reef without even getting wet on a Glass-bottom boat tour. A small boat which, as you can probably guess from the name, has a glass floor. Allowing you the perfect window into the Great Barrier Reef. Cruise through the water without missing a second of the action! Glass bottom boats are perfect for families with younger children or people who cannot swim.

  • Visit an Island

    Seeing as there are 900 on offer, visiting at least one of the reef’s islands is an essential activity. Discover the rain forests, the beaches, and the wildlife that cover each island, with the larger ones having complete tours and tour centres devoted to them. There are several island tours on the Last Minute Day Tour website for you to choose from to enhance your Great Barrier Reef experience!

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