While visiting the famous city of Sydney, most will pop the Blue Mountains on their to-do list, and why wouldn’t you?

The lush landscape of the Blue Mountains is swarming with native wildlife, breath-taking views, and an array of activities. With the valley overrun with mesmerising mountaintops, regardless of your interests, you will certainly not be disappointed. But how do you get to this spectacular site?

  • Car

    For all those independent travellers out there, your first choice is most likely driving yourself. This can definitely be the best option for locals with a car, but others may find obstacles. Taking around two hours from the city, the journey can be quick or slow depending on the number of stops and attractions you visit. Traffic during weekends can cause the trip to become slightly delayed, with Sundays being particularly bad as locals head towards the mountains for a day trip. Hiring a car can cost you so make sure to check out a few sellers to find the best price.

  • Train

    If public transport is your transport of choice, there is no better way than by train. Skip the winding roads that travel up the mountains and sit back to relax on the soothing and scenic train route. The train link operates at least every hour from the city centre of the Sydney airport, taking you straight to Blue Mountains with the occasional stop at Strathfield, Parramatta, Penrith, and Emu Plains. To travel on a train, you will need an opal card, so make sure to organise one before hopping onto a carriage.

    Opal cards are available at news agencies, convenience stores, and at stations. The cards are reusable, so be sure to keep hold of it and top it up with more money throughout your trip. Opal cards can be used for bus, train and ferry travel across most of New South Wales and are a cheaper alternative to single use public transport tickets. 

  • Tours

    Skip all the fuss of checking timetables, mapping route, and paying an arm and a leg for a taxi ride by simply booking a tour for the day. Simply book a ticket for you and your travel companions prior to the date and sit back and relax. With tours picking you up straight from your hotel and promising a full day of narration, you can learn things and see sites you never would on your own. However, these are usually full-day affairs, so make sure you have your walking shoes and a camera on you for the adventure.

  • River Cruise

    This is more offered to visitors leaving the Blue mountains, but one of the top transports from the mountains is the river cruise. Skipping the busy peak hour traffic and cruising along the Parramatta River, spotting the lush wildlife bordering the edge until you reach the twinkling city of Sydney. This is a tranquil end to your day, giving you a peaceful end to your travels.

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