Nestled right to the bottom of Australia lies Melbourne, known as the place-to-be for sport, food and culture.

Melbourne Viewing from the Sky

Characterised by its heritage buildings, stunning gardens, and magical city laneways, Melbourne is loved by all.

  • The Sport

    Throughout Melbourne’s calendar is a stack of exciting sporting events held right in the heart of the city. Annually hosting the famous Australian Open, one of the most popular tennis tournaments in the world. The Grand Prix is also held here, with plenty of events and pops up celebrations both before and after. Lastly, by far Melbourne, most beloved sport is the AFL, the local sport which brings the entire country together to celebrate. Melbourne annually hosts the AFL’s Grand Final, which typically has the whole city buzzing weeks prior!

  • The Food

    Melbourne’s food is legendary, known for its progressive fusion style of cuisines. Blending a range of different cultural foods, such as Asian, European, and more, with the contemporary and modern cooking style of Melbourne. Resulting in some of the best fusion restaurants the country has to offer!

  • The Nightlife

    Don’t head back to your hotel room too soon, as the city is only just beginning once the sunsets! Scattered about the bustling city are some of the very best bars and clubs around, hidden in tiny laneways, or on top of high-rise buildings, simply stroll down one of the many streets and you’ll come across a gem! Cocktails are the name of the game in Melbourne, so make sure to order at least one with the bartenders legendary in their ability to make unique and creative cocktail choices!

  • The Day Trips

    After enjoying your time within the city, the next best thing to enjoy in the region’s outer areas. From coastal beach spots to lush winery regions, there is a day trip on offer for every kind of traveller. Head down the famous Great Ocean Road for a chance to see spectacular natural wonders, as well as enjoy a day at one of the many beaches here. Afterwards, you can head to the coastal Phillip island, the home of the smallest penguins in existence! For a truly tranquil adventure, head to Yarra Valley, for a weekend enjoying wine after wine, pairing them with the local cheese and produce on offer!

  • The Art

    Melbourne has a strong love for art, with street art, music, architecture, and theatre all engrained in the city’s everyday style. Visit a number of the fantastic galleries dotted about, or simply stroll down the labyrinth of laneways that feature the local artist’s works. Head to the iconic landmarks of the Royal Exhibition Building, Parliament House and the Princess Theatre for a chance to see the best buildings around. And head to one of the many pubs and bars that have a list of fantastic gigs on throughout the week!

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