Sometimes a day just isn’t enough, especially when you’re in Australia!

This country is vast and has an abundance of miraculous regions for you to explore. While single day tours are a great way to hit all the best spots in an area sometimes you just need more time. That’s where our awesome multi-day tours come in.

What is a multi-day tour?

Multi-day tours are exactly what they sound like! These tours generally run for two days and include a nights accommodation. By choosing to join a multi-day tour you’ll get more time to explore the region you’re in. Plus, you’ll get to know your guide and fellow travellers better, giving you more opportunities to get everything you want out of your tour experience.

What multi-day tours do we offer?

We currently offer eight fantastic multi-day tours in Australia. We’ve highlighted some of our favourites for you below!

  • 2-day Kangaroo Island Tour

    You’ve come to Australia, jumped on another plane to Adelaide then driven down to a ferry to Kangaroo Island. We think it’s worth two days!

    Our two-day tour will give you more time to explore this fascinating island. You’ll spend the first day tasting your way across the island visiting local distributors and finishing your day with a thrill at Little Sahara. This evening is unique as you’ll have total freedom to explore at your own pace and with absolutely no itinerary to stick to.

    Day two is all about the animals here. The island is rich in native flora and fauna, meet them at a sanctuary and see wild populations along the coast. You’ll even be treated to a special raptor presentation to see Australia’s vicious raptors in action.

    This tour is a beautiful way to see this island for yourself, we cannot sing its praises enough!

  • 3-day Adelaide to Melbourne Tour

    Jump on board, we’re going on a road trip! Why not get to see the Australian coastline and enjoy everything it has to offer on our 3-day Melbourne to Adelaide tour.

    Starting in Adelaide you’ll traverse through the stunning Grampians mountain range where you’ll see some of Australia’s natural beauty firsthand. Explore waterfalls, rock formations and lookouts all while connecting with this beautiful country.

    Continuing from the Grampians you’ll enjoy a hike and learn about local cultural heritage before taking a pitstop at a dormant volcano. As you continue to travel towards Melbourne the mountains will fade away around you, bringing you out along the famous Great Ocean Road. Here you’ll wind your way along the coastline, stopping at Australia’s most famous coastal lookouts.

    Finish your trip in the rainforest bordering this magnificent stretch of coast. Enjoy the fresh ocean air and warm forest one last time before continuing into Melbourne where your journey will end.

    Though you may wish for it to continue forever, the memories you will make on this trip are sure to never leave you.

These are just two of our vast range of wonderful multi-day trips! Be sure to check them out when you’re planning your next trip down under, we’d be delighted to have you on board.

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