Rug up in the colder months and enjoy a day out at Sydney’s exciting spots!

Sydney is stunning all year round, but during the colder months of the year may think Sydney would be hibernating until the sunshine appears again. However, Sydney develops a brand-new list of activities for those interested in trekking out on the town even on the colder nights! Find out our top picks on winter activities in Sydney!

  • Museum Hop

    When it’s storming outside, one of the best ways to pass the time is heading to the local museums. Seeing all the glorious goodies, from historic artefacts, interesting wildlife fossils, and even some fascinating artworks. There are plenty of museums to choose from in Sydney, with the Powerhouse Museum, the Museum of Sydney, as well as the Art Gallery of New South Wales! Head here and fill your head up with these interesting things on display!

  • Paddy’s Markets

    You don’t have to stop shopping when the weather is shocking, as Paddy’s Markets are open whether its rain or shine! Open from Wednesday to Sunday starting from 10 am until 6 pm, you can head to the stalls for a morning shop or even an after lunch wander! There are over a thousand stalls to see, so make sure you save some extra space in your bag for all the goodies you’ll end up buying! From clothes stores, book shops, vintage antiques, and fresh produce, there is something for everyone here!

  • Fine Dine at a Restaurant

    Why not warm up with a delicious cocktail inside one of Sydney’s fabulous restaurants? The city is renowned for its style and food, with a number of restaurants winning food and drink awards both internationally and domestic. Take your partner or posse on a trendy night out and be pampered with endless cuisines and drinks!

  • Whale Watching

    One of the best reasons to visit Sydney during the colder months is for the whale watching! It is the only time of year you can see these magnificent beasts along New South Wales coast, as from May to November, the whales migrate goes from south to north and back again to breed and birth their young in the warmer waters. You can either head to the clifftop lookout points or hop on a cruise to see the whales closer!

  • Walk at Bondi Beach

    You may not get to dive into the surf of this famous beach, but you can still enjoy the soft sand! Many locals and tourists enjoy the walking route from Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach, marvelling at the crashing waves against the rocks as they stroll from sand to dirt to rock to sand again!

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