As quarantine restrictions slowly begin to lift across Australia, we’re as keen as anyone to get out and enjoy a drink with our mates.

We’re still following restrictions and avoiding the temptation to rush out too early, but that hasn’t stopped us planning trips to some of the best bars across Sydney.

  • Door Knock

    A hidden bar so secret there’s even a secret knock to get in! Door Knock is hidden away in the heart of the Sydney CBD, the cosy underground cabin serves natural wines and a delicious plethora of cocktails.

    A throwback to speakeasies Door Knock is a homage to a bygone era of underground drinking and moody tipples. Beneath the streets of Sydney, you’ll feel not claustrophobic but homely. A drink at Door Knock with your mates feels like sitting in your lounge having a cocktail, only you won’t have to do the dishes!

    Door Knock can be found behind the fire door on Pitt Street, just remember, knock the pineapple three times and you’ll be let in.

  • The Botanist

    If you’re anything like us and spent your quarantine (unsuccessfully) trying to turn your home into an indoor plant haven, The Botanist is for you.

    Inspired by the works of a botanist, the bar prides itself on producing incredibly complex cocktails using unique gins, plants, and spices. Head in for a few rounds of drinks on a Friday night or attend one of their many and fantastical events. Try your hand at crafting flower crowns, enjoy a meal at their fantastic restaurant, or enjoy a cocktail masterclass and learn the secrets behind the Botanist cocktails of your choice!

    The Botanist is exactly the calming and bright bar you need to visit after spending months inside the same four walls.

  • Big Poppa’s

    Have you ever noticed that every wine bar you visit plays nothing but smooth jazz or classical music? We’re not here to yuck anyone’s yum, but sometimes we want the wine and cheese without the high-class vibes. Enter Big Poppa’s.

    You’ll find no smooth jazz here, just great wine, perfectly paired cheese and the best hip hop music going around. Big Poppa’s has over 25 cheeses on offer for you to choose from, as well as a deliciously authentic Italian small meal menu.

    Big Poppa’s is the perfect place for a calm night of drinking or a post-dinner jaunt. You best get there quick though, Big Poppa’s don’t take bookings and fills up most nights.

  • 1989 Arcade Bar

    The name truly says it all, 1989 Arcade Bar is exactly what it sounds like. Enjoy a night of old-school arcade machines and pinball, or hit up their epic collection of board games if something slower is more your style.

    All games cost just $1 to play and high score attempts are always encouraged. ’89 serves a great collection of beers and wines, as well as some nostalgia inspiring cocktails. Plus, they really have thought of it all, pairing up with their pizza shop neighbours to serve awesome pizza while you play.

Quarantine has been hard and it might still be a while before we can hit the pubs, but until then we can keep on dreaming.

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