There aren’t many places that have indulged the hipster subculture quite like Melbourne.

While around the world hipsters were mocked and joked about, Melbourne released the hipster movement was a core part of its identity as a city. Thus, though there is still the occasional teasing, Melbourne is somewhat a hipster’s paradise.

Though there are many hipster suburbs right near the Melbourne CBD, two of the most popular and iconic have to be Brunswick and Fitzroy. Both are easily accessed by tram or foot, and we guarantee you’ll find a whole days worth of things to see and do!

  • Brunswick

    Perhaps the most hipster of all Melbourne suburbs, Brunswick has everything a young cool person could want or need.

    Brunswick is a fantastic place to take part in one of life’s simplest pleasures, people watch. Sit down at a trendy, probably vegan, cafe with the soy latte that you’ve ever had and watch as the people fly by. From old men in band t-shirts riding their vintage bikes to young families with the coolest dressed kids on the planet, Brunswick appeals to people from all walks of life.
    Once you’ve finished your brunch, head out to beinArt Gallery. The gallery has an amazing array of exhibitions showcasing local surrealist artists. The work here can sometimes be a bit dark and morbid, and always features works in an array of mediums.

    If you’re ready for a shop, head to The Boroughs, this adorable store showcases local designers and artists. Deck yourself out in an authentically Melbourne outfit or grab your friends some sustainable gifts. The store has something for everyone with an array of items from chocolates to skincare and quite literally everything in between.

  • Fitzroy

    If you’re new to Melbourne and trying to make your way to Brunswick you just might find yourself in Fitzroy, you see, this is where Brunswick Street is. Don’t stress though, each is as much a hipsters paradise as the other. Just don’t get to Fitzroy Street, that’s in St Kilda and though nice, not as hipster-y. Yes, we know, very confusing.

    Fitzroy has a particularly lovely array of vegan thrift stores and awesome bars. Wandering down Brunswick Street you’ll be surrounded delightful storefronts to pop into.

    Enjoy Hunter Gatherer, one of Melbourne’s best-known thrift stores. Operating under the Brotherhood of St Laurence, the store combines the joys of thrifting with genuine vintage pieces. Head inside to pick yourself up some grandma-chic clothes. If you’re after something newer, many of Australia’s premier eclectic brands have large outlets throughout Fitzroy so you’re sure to get a bargain.

    If all the clothes shopping has made you thirsty then it’s time to hit the bar. Make your way up to the famous rooftop at Naked For Satan. Enjoy their delicious tapas downstairs before drinking the night away as you watch the Melbourne skyline light up. Or soak in a bit of Melbournian history at Bad Frankie, the first spirits only bar in Melbourne. The bar is well known for serving only Australian drinks, so you might just find yourself the perfect Australian tipple!

Melbourne is the hipster capital of Australia and it is so easy to see why. Enjoy this magnificent subculture across the city and we’re sure you’ll learn a bit about the mostly-vegan, gluten-free, sustainable lifestyle while you’re at it.

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