Cairns is one of Australia’s ultimate adventure towns, with so much going on in town but even more happening right on its southern doorstep! From the incredible Great Barrier Reef to the uber lush Fitzroy Island and the enchanting Atherton Tablelands, if you’re heading just south of town you are in for a real tropical treat!

Let’s take a closer look at the awesome adventures that await you just south of town:

The Atherton Tablelands

The Atherton Tablelands – apart from being some of the most beguiling country in all of Oz – are full of tropical splendour and super fun activities that put it (truthfully) just behind the Daintree and Great Barrier Reef when it comes to ultimate Cairns adventures.

These are just three of the wondrous activities to invigorate your senses in the charming tablelands:

  • Paronella Park: Paronella Park serves as a testament to one man’s unfulfilled aspirations; a superb architectural oddity the likes of which you won’t find elsewhere in Australia. This once sprawling manor house was ravaged by time and the often unfavourable Queensland weather way back in the last century, leaving what today stands as a vibrant garden with the ruins of some of the estate’s most surreal buildings. Perfect for lovers of all things whimsical – you won’t forget your visit to Paronella Park any time soon!
  • Hot air ballooning: The Atherton Tablelands comprise a stunning landscape, with stretches of rainforest, volcanoes, mountains and other tropical wonders – naturally this makes for a fantastic spot to do a little hot air ballooning.
  • The Waterfall Circuit: The Waterfall Circuit is simply spectacular, with some of Australia’s most beautiful falls (including the naturally sublime Millaa Millaa Falls). Not only this, but there are plenty of awesome trails and forests to traverse as you get to them!

Fitzroy Island

Located slightly to the southeast of Cairns is the world famous Fitzroy Island – one of Australia’s true tropical outposts. Perfect for enjoying some of nature’s funnest activities, the island is a lush tropical gem that is sure to enrich your soul and invigorate your senses.

Take the Nudey Beach Walking Track down to one of the world’s most dreamy beaches (and not actually a nude beach – sorry!), hike the mesmerising Secret Garden trail or head just offshore for a spot of diving and snorkelling – the choice is yours and they are all good choices…

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