The Port Campbell National Park ranks highly among Australia’s favourite national parks, not for its expanse, but for the impressive number of stunning natural landmarks that dot its relatively small area!

From the world famous 12 Apostles to the breathtaking Loch Ard Gorge, through to the picture-perfect London Arch and the surreal Grotto, the national park should be on every traveller’s to-do list when traversing the Great Ocean Road.

One of the many astounding sights in the national park are the wonderful Gibson Steps: an 86-step, 70m-high cliffline that provides miraculous views out to the raging Bass Strait!

The Gibson Steps and its eponymous trail are one of the ideal ways to gaze out upon the wild ocean expanse, especially as you can take in the Gog and Magog limestone and sandstone stacks that jump out of the ocean.

Naturally, the steps are just one of many incredible landmarks in the national park, and is perfectly enjoyed alongside these other memorable sights:

The 12 Apostles

The 12 Apostles – despite being more like eight now – is still the national park’s ultimate drawcard. This series of incredible limestone stacks leap out of the raging waters below and are perfectly complemented by the awesome viewing spot that provides stunning views.

The Loch Ard Gorge

Whilst the 12 Apostles remains the park’s most famous landmark, coming in a close second is the remarkable Loch Ard Gorge. This incredible inlet comprises a gorgeous beach and turquoise waters with giant clifftops flanking them on either side.

There is no better place in the Port Campbell National Park to chill out on the beach front and take in the incredible expanse that lies before your eyes – it’s simply spectacular.

The London Arch

The London Arch is another offshore site that has endured the might of the raging Bass Strait below, and it happened to be when two tourists were walking on it back in the 90s!

Part of the arch collapsed into the water below, leaving the two tourists stranded on the section that remained standing. Luckily for them they got off the arch physically unscathed, and as you can imagine further walking on the remaining arch is now prohibited (not that you can get onto it anyway, obviously…).

But it’s still a remarkable site, and totally worth one marvelling upon when visiting the incredible Port Campbell National Park!

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