The Great Ocean Road is Australia’s lush and stunning answer to America’s Pacific Highway. This fabulous stretch of coastline is at once serene as it is wild, with tranquil forests encroaching on the wild Bass Strait below!

There are two major last stops on either side of the Great Ocean Road: the Port Campbell National Park on the western side and Torquay on the eastern side.

Both stops, situated a few hours drive from one another, offer plenty of fun and adventure, with the national park being home to some of Australia’s most majestic natural landmarks and Torquay being the home of Aussie surf culture!

Let’s take a closer look at both these wonderful end of the line locations, and why they are such spectacular stops on the mesmerising Great Ocean Road:

Port Campbell National Park

Whilst it may not match Flinders Chase or Kakadu’s grandeur, the Port Campbell National Park is jam-packed with amazing sites within its small confines.

The park is famous for housing some of Australia’s most famous natural landmarks, including that of the unmistakable 12 Apostles (which, errr, due to erosion, is something more like the Seven Apostles now).

Not only this, the Port Campbell National Park is home to the beguiling Loch Ard Gorge, a sublime natural inlet where giant cliffs flank the gorgeous turquoise waters below.

Head over to the London Arch and Grotto next and you will see why Port Campbell packs a lot of excitement into such a relatively small national park!


Torquay is Australia’s surf capital, a place where the sport’s culture meets its daring waves and where it is held in the highest regard. Not only is Torquay home to Quiksilver, Rip Curl and the National Surfing Museum, but the famous Bells Beach is also where you will find the world’s best surfers battle it out on in the annual Rip Curl Pro (taking part in mid-April 2022).

Don’t let the talk of pros taking on the waves intimate you: Torquay’s beaches are famous for accommodating grommets (surf newcomers) to your Kelly Slaters and Mick Fannings.

So, all you have to do is get in touch with one of the local surf schools and you’ll find yourself riding a wave in no time! This is all part of what makes this end of the Great Ocean Road such an unforgettable experience…

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