Phillip Island has long been one of Australia’s favourite nature getaways, with adorable animals inhabiting striking scenery in all of its abundant glory.

One of such superbly stunning vistas takes place at the Nobbies, one of Philly’s most beloved attractions!

The Nobbies are a series of rocks spattering out from the verdant coastline and into the sea. Whilst the Nobbies are in themselves spectacular to gaze upon, it is what lives in and around their picturesque formation that makes the Nobbies so special.

The area is world famous for being home to two of Australia’s little penguin and fur seal populations, with the penguins liking to chill out around the Nobbies boardwalk and the fur seals lounging around on Seal Rocks just off the shore.

For this reason, the Nobbies are one of the very best places on the island to catch a glimpse of some of the nature that make it so famous.

The Nobbies are the geological centrepoint of where a lot of natural wonder takes place, including these two unforgettable family-friendly experiences:

Penguin Parade

The Penguin Parade has to be one of Australia’s most beloved natural attractions. Why? Because there aren’t many places in the country – or the world for that matter – where you can spot adorable little penguins returning to their nest after a hard day’s fishing!

This awesome family-friendly activity is perfect for little ones, but you have to decide which time of year is best to see it: the penguin parade starts later in the warmer months but it can get pretty chilly in the colder months – it’s up to you and the kids!

Seal Rocks

Just around the corner from the fabulous Penguin Parade lies another (this time free!) spectacle – the legendary Seal Rocks. Yes, Phillip Island is home to some 20,000 fur seals, each of whom loves nothing more than gallivanting around on the rocks beyond the Nobbies!

You may have to chuck a coin in the viewing binoculars if you don’t take your own, but you’re sure of a joyous sight once you do – these fur seals are just so adorable to see living their best lives in the water…

Koala Conservation Reserve

Not quite near the Nobbies but an amazing experience all the same – be sure to head to the Koala Conservation Reserve where you can spot these adorable chillers hanging out in their absolute element.

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