The Great Ocean Road is one of Australia’s most beautiful coastlines. There is absolutely no way you can come to Melbourne and not explore it.

Jump onto a tour and travel by road along the winding cliff face. Standing at the 12 Apostles lookout, breathing in the coastal air, you’ll think you’ve found the pinnacle of beauty. But what if it could get better?

Upgrade your tour to include a helicopter flight and see the world from above!

Soar over the 12 Apostles, Shipwreck Coast, and Port Campbell National Park. Flying high over the coastline you get full panoramic views of the Great Ocean Road and its iconic landmarks. Flights contain a maximum of seven passengers, making your flight intimate and free from large crowds. Friendly pilots will help you spot iconic landmarks and ensure you have a safe and comfortable flight.

Are helicopters safe?

Helicopters are an incredibly safe form of air travel. In fact, if anything were to go wrong, we’d rather be in a helicopter than a plane!

Helicopter pilots undertake years and hundreds of hours of flight training to ensure they’re prepared for your flight. It is incredibly rare that accidents occur, however in the rare instance you need to land early there’s a few benefits to being in a helicopter. Firstly, the propellers continue to rotate if the engine cuts out, meaning the pilot is always in control. Secondly, helicopters can land in any space the size of the aircraft. No long, wide, empty area needed.

Helicopter incidents are so rare that you’re safer in the air than on the road in a car!

How long are you in the air?

If you choose to join a helicopter flight as an upgrade on our Great Ocean Road in Reverse tour, you’ll spend 15 minutes in the air. While it may not seem like much, you’ll be surprised at how long it really is!

Airtime is spent travelling over iconic landmarks and along the coastline. Be sure to remember your camera, you’ll want to get as many photos as possible. It is genuinely a once in a lifetime experience.

Who can fly?

Everyone! There are no age restrictions on the helicopter flight upgrade when booked onto our Great Ocean Road in Reverse tour. As long as you can sit still in a seat, you’re welcome to enjoy the experience.

Remember to bring suitable flying attire. That is, sturdy shoes and comfortable clothes. Loose items such as bags, hats, and jackets need to be left on the ground.

Please note, this upgrade does not have children’s pricing. Children cannot sit in the lap of a paying adult.

Book your flight upgrade today, it’s one you’ll certainly remember for the rest of your life!

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