Many eager travellers often rock up to Cape Jervis with the immediate idea of getting right over to Kangaroo Island.

Look, this is totally understandable, as Kangaroo Island is one of the most marvellous places in the Southern Hemisphere.

However, this doesn’t mean Cape Jervis is simply a jumping point, a place where you show up to show yourself out – no, no, no! Cape Jervis itself is a charming place full of stunning nature and fascinating architecture that make it an amazing spot to check out before you take the inevitable ferry across to KI.

Let’s take a look at some of the things that give this overlooked place plenty to get excited about:

Heysen Trail

The Heysen Trail is one of the region’s most spectacular walks, with endless wildlife and expansive peninsula views providing a truly magical pre-KI adventure. Watch out for furry friends whilst taking in the majestic coastal views and gorgeous greenery on this beautiful piece of the peninsula.

Morgan Beach

Australia has some impressive beaches – we know this. However, we mostly think of the northern tropics when it comes to deciding which of our beaches are most dreamy. However, the Fleurieu Peninsula and adjacent Kangaroo Island have a few stunners of their own.

One of which is the pristine Morgan Beach, a delightful stretch of coastline that whilst not as famous as KI’s Vivonne Bay, is pretty awe-inspiring in itself. Plus, it makes for a pretty wonderful place to cool off after a morning’s Heysen Trail hiking…

Cape Jervis Lighthouse

One thing you’ll notice when visiting Cape Jervis and Kangaroo Island is this – there are a helluva lotta lighthouses. Why? Because seafaring around the peninsula used to be extremely dangerous, with some 80 shipwrecks found under the Great Australian Bight’s raging waters.

It just so happens that the Cape Jervis Lighthouse is one of the most beautiful as well as one that carries a delightful wealth of history. Maritime lovers truly rejoice at visiting the Cape Jervis Lighthouse – it’s really one of the most enchanting…

Alright, off you go!

As you can see, Cape Jervis is pretty awesome off its own back. But, we know you’re en route to the big island, to where the surreal rock formations give way to some truly incredible vistas, so off ya go – grab that illustrious Kangaroo Island ferry and continue to your unforgettable adventure…

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