Adelaide has recently become one of Australia’s favourite tourist cities, ditching its reputation for being a quick stop-off en route to the Adelaide Hills, Barossa Valley or Kangaroo Island.

And why shouldn’t it? With some of the world’s best arts and music festivals, a vibrant dining scene, incredible architecture and lush gardens all combining to make the 20 Minute City a smorgasbord of goodness in one small city, there is little wonder why people are adding Adelaide to its Aussie adventure itinerary!

But when to visit this incredibly charming town? Well, we gladly recommend the months of February through to May, when the weather is pleasant and two amazing festivals in The Fringe and WOMADelaide (March) grace this awesome and vibrant town.

If you can’t make it around that time then be sure to head in Spring (September – October) when Adelaide is coming out of its mild winter with plenty of sunshine and good vibes all round.

These awesome experiences await you when you get there:

The Fringe & WOMADelaide

Adelaide has recently staked its claim as a city of festivities, with The Fringe and WOMADelaide both being given unofficial clout as two of the world’s best arts and music festivals.

The Fringe lasts a whole month, with thousands of performers covering everything from cabaret to comedy, music to theatre and everything in between performing in and around the city’s stages and open spaces.

WOMADelaide, which runs concurrently alongside the Fringe, is a music extravaganza, with some of Australia’s biggest acts and some of world music’s favourites all taking to the stage to get feet moving!

The Adelaide Central Market

The Adelaide Central Market is considered an Australian icon, being one of the ultimate places in Australia to grab fresh, delicious groceries and a fabulous bite to eat while you’re there.

The market has everything from fresh baked bread to sushi, delicatessens, coffee and everything else you can add to your bundle and try as a delectable treat.

The Art Gallery of South Australia

The Art Gallery of South Australia proudly boasts some of the most fantastic pieces to come out of the state as well as a collection of incredible Indigenous works from all over the country.

Combine a visit to the gallery with a rest in the Botanic Garden and you have yourself a pretty charming afternoon in Adelaide…

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