When visiting the stunning Kangaroo Island you’ll embark on your ferry ride from the delightful Cape Jervis.

The delightful port town has a small population of just 300 and is set at the very tip of the Fleurieu Peninsula.

Gateway to Kangaroo Island

Cape Jervis is most famously known as the gateway to Kangaroo Island. From the port you can take the short ferry ride to the delightful Kangaroo Island. The ferry departs multiple times a day, with extras services running during the peak summer season. Pre-booking your ferry tickets are essential though, so be sure to plan ahead!


Cape Jervis has some of the best fishing in South Australia. Whether you’re a casual fisher or a serious angler, Cape Jervis has fishing opportunities for you. There’s plenty of fishing charters that operate around the area taking you to the very best fishing spots. Reel in snapper, squid, sharks and tommies from the water, ready for cooking up for a delicious meal.

If you’d rather fish from the sand than a boat, head to Fishery Beach. The area first became popular during the 1950s and 60s but still has fantastic fishing opportunities today. You can even fish off the jetties around Cape Jervis if that’s more your style! Whatever type of fishing you enjoy, Cape Jervis has you covered.

Whale Watching

Whales migrate through the waters off of Cape Jervis each winter. You can try to spot them from the shore or jump on a boat out to Victor Harbour to try and see these impressive creatures up closer.

They migrate through the region between May and November each year, and often can be seen along with dolphin and sea lion populations. The most common species of whale seen in these waters is the blue whale, the largest animal in the world.

Cape Jervis Lighthouse

At the very tip of Cape Jervis is the Cape Jervis Lighthouse. The current, new lighthouse was lit in 1972, a whole century after the first lighthouse on this cape. It sits on the headland known as Lands End and sits 22m above sea level. You can see the original foundations from the 1871 lighthouse below the new one.

The modern lighthouse does not look like the typical lighthouse, rather than being round it has a modern inverted pyramid design. Its straight edges contrast miraculously with the natural landscape around it.

Return to nature

Cape Jervis is surrounded by many beautiful natural parks. The closest park is the Deep Creek Conservation Park, just a half-hour drive from Cape Jervis. The park is filled with beautiful hiking trails and awesome wildlife encounters.

The relatively untouched landscape has created a flourishing native habitat for native birdlife. If you’re lucky you might even catch a glimpse of a wild kangaroo! Remember to bring your camera so that you can capture the moment, just remember to turn off your flash.

Cape Jervis is a wonderful area and has so much more to offer than just a ferry ride to Kangaroo Island. The cape is the perfect place for a lovely seaside day.

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