Adelaide has leapt forward as one of Australia’s favourite destinations, with sumptuous cuisine, gorgeous gardens and a roving events calendar to put an Ibizan summer to shame!

Adelaide used to be known only as “The City of Churches”, a place where you could go to see some pretty buildings and, well, not much as else. But today the city has exploded with good times and great vibes, with the likes of the Fringe, WOMADelaide and its stunning surroundings offering too much to do in one week.

But, we are here to find out what exactly you can do in the 20 Minute Town in one whole week, so we are going to do just that.

Pack your party attire, Adelaide is a city of unbridled fun:

If you’re there in Feb/March

Perhaps the best time of year to visit Adelaide is in February/March. Why? Because the weather is great for one thing, but because this fine weather allows for two of the world’s biggest cultural festivals to take place: The Adelaide Fringe and WOMADelaide!

We’re not just saying this, both the Fringe and WOMADelaide are absolutely massive, attracting thousands of artists and punters to each one of these outstanding testaments to creativity.

First, the Adelaide Fringe covers everything from cabaret to dance, theatre to visual arts, comedy and everything else you can possibly consider under the umbrella term “art”.

Next, WOMADelaide is one of the world’s most diverse music festivals, bringing in big name locals and amazing world music stars from every corner of the globe.

Best thing is they run simultaneously, so you could even go to both if you want to dig a little further into your pocket…

Head for the Hills

The Adelaide Hills are simply sublime, there really is no better way to put it. Weary locals and curious travellers alike head for the hills (a cheeky 30 minutes outside Adelaide centre) for good food, cool temperatures and a little Barvarian hospitality.

That’s right, the Adelaide Hills are home to the fascinating town of Hahndorf, Australia’s proudest German heritage town. If you’re heading there with the kids then be sure to go to the Beerenberg Family Farm, Hans Heysen’s House and the wonderful Hahndorf Farm Barn, replete with amazing farm animals and plenty of exciting activities for people of all ages to enjoy!

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