In the lush rainforest of the Tablelands region lies the famous heritage-listed waterfall.

Known as the beloved Millaa Millaa Falls, named after the local indigenous community’s word MaMu, which refers to a rainforest vine that is common in the area.

Cascading down 18 metres off a cliff covered in lush greenery, with a deep pool at the base that’s the perfect spot for an afternoon dip, the Millaa Millaa Falls is truly a worthwhile spot to visit. The waterfall is said to have barely changed over hundreds if not thousands of years, making the region rich in history and natural beauty. It is one of the most famous waterfalls in the entire state, thanks to its picturesque appeal as well as its numerous appearances in pop-culture over the years.

Why Millaa Millaa Falls is Famous

  • The Mysterious Girl Music Video

    This is what made Millaa Millaa Falls skyrocket in popularity, with Peter Andre’s music video of Mysterious Girl making a splash in Cairns’ tourism. The music video showcased a beautiful woman splashing around against the beautiful pool of the waterfall, featuring the stunning green background and the tranquil retreat this region offer. Even to this day, many visitors try to reenact the music video when visiting the spot.

  • The Herbal Essence Adverts

    After the waterfall became a big hit, many other companies jumped on board to promote the picture-perfect location. One of the most remembered advertisements was the Waterfall Herbal Essence adverts for the brand’s Rainforest Deep Nourishment and Shine shampoo product. Showcasing a woman washing her hair in the waterfall to get super silky and soft shine.

  • XXXX Gold Beer Advert

    Another memorable ad that went down in history for making Millaa Millaa Falls famous was all about beer. The popular XXXX Gold Beer, a favourite within the Queensland region, did an advert named “Jacko’s Retreat”. Which featured the tropical backdrop of the waterfalls with the beer.

By far the biggest appeal at this waterfall is the crystal-clear base pool. Many spend the afternoon splashing within the waters, even heading near the cascading water for a pounding water massage. Afterwards, many retreats to the grassy picnic area to air dry. Enjoying the picnic tables to set up for lunch or simple snacks. As the waterfall is one of the prettiest attractions bringing a camera is a must!

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