Lake Eacham is found within the lush region of the Atherton Tablelands.

It is a volcanic lake, listed in the World Heritage list due to its long history and geological significance.

The History of how Lake Eacham Formed

Lake Eacham is more than 12,000 years old, with a long history with both wildlife and humans. It first formed from the historic volcanic eruption. With molten magma rising from the earth’s core to heat the water tables. Due to this, massive explosions occurred from the underground steam breaking through cracks appeared in the ground. After this occurrence, it took hundreds of years for the water to fill the cracks and craters made by the explosions. Leading to the trees growing back to create a peaceful landscape surrounding the volcanic crater lake.

Lake Eacham Today

Lake Eacham was once the home region for the local indigenous community for many years, using the water to drink and bath themselves. It wasn’t until 1888 that the lake became popular for the modern society of Australia, used as a scenic reserve for more than 50 years. Boating and water sports were common occurrences in this time, with families visiting for fun-filled water activities. In 1934, the lake was declared protected by the National Park.


What better way to enjoy this picturesque lake than by swimming within the crystal-clear waters? Many opt to race off the ramps and dive into the freshwater, where others choose to dip their toes and slowly settle into the water. Flotation devices are common here, with many even bringing canoes or kayaks to reach the inner section of the lake. The grassy spots located at the edge of the lake is the perfect place to airdry, sunbaking the day away with a picnic set up to refuel in the afternoon.

Walking Tracks

After your swim, talking a walk along the bush trails within the region is a must-do activity. The bush surrounding Lake Eacham is bursting with unforgettable features, with native animals and plant scattered about the area. Weave through the thick trees and listen out for the unique birdsongs that flow through the air. Heading back to the lake for an afternoon dip to cool off again!

Learn about the History

One of the greatest highlights for the lake is the fascinating history that goes with it. Being the home-based for a number of Aboriginal stories covering the region, and facts about the native plants and animals that the ancient community once used to survive. Take some time in your day visit here to learn about the stories of this lake and the surrounding bushland, letting you appreciate this area even more!

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