Sydney is Australia’s travel gem, a buzzing, vibrant harbourside city that never fails to delight those who spend even just a few days there.

Visit Sydney

Why? Because it’s so full of fun, excitement and natural beauty right within the city! From fascinating Opera House tours to heart-pumping bridge climbs, to the sublimity of its beaches, Sydney is a world city that boasts plenty of adventure for budding travellers.

Sydney enjoys a mild, sunny climate year-round, and this makes it a pretty nice place to visit any time of the year! However, if you want to experience gorgeous weather without all the summer crowds then the best time to visit is in the shoulder months from September to November and March to May.

In these months, the weather is pleasant and the crowds are fewer, making it a charming experience in an exciting town.

So, now that we’ve got times out of the way, what are some of the joyous experiences that await you in The Emerald City?

Harbour Bridge climb

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is easily one of the world’s most recognisable overpasses, an incredible archway that serves as a testament to Australian architecture!

Of course, simply viewing the bridge from any one of the city’s numerous vantage points is a marvel in itself, but to take in its glorious expanse in true adrenaline-pumping fashion you can’t overlook a bridge climb.

These heart-pounding tours take place year-round, and allow you to scale to the very top of this modern wonder. If you’ve got the nerve and take the climb, you will also be treated to panoramic views of the world’s most glittering harbour, just to top off the excitement of the climb!

Opera House tours

People come to the Sydney Opera House for different reasons, with most just coming to meander around it and take some happy snaps to chuck on their Gram. But the best way to gain an insight of this most wondrous cultural centre is through a backstage tour.

There are numerous tours that take place, including spooky night tours complete with drinks and canapes, kid-friendly tours and tours that take you around the backstages and halls of this incredible testament to the arts.

Bondi Beach

Well, no Sydney trip is complete without heading down to Bondi, one of the world’s most famous beaches. There is a good reason for this, of course: not only is the beach itself simply impressive, but the fun and buzz that happens in the water, on the shore and back in Bondi suburb is just an awesome way to chill out on a sunny Sydney afternoon!

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