A short drive from the bustling Sydney city lies the stunning Blue Mountains.

Spanning roughly 11,400 kilometres, the Blue Mountains are ancient, with some of their formations more than 470 million years old. This astonishing area is teeming with mountains, rock formations, lush bush land, and cascading waterfalls.

Top Places to Go in the Blue Mountains

  • Lookouts

    Marvel at the stunning landscape of the Blue Mountains by venturing out to one of the lookout points. Both Kings Tablelands or Evans Lookout are great points. Try out the daring photo opp at Kings Tablelands, where you sit on top of the rocky cliffs as your legs dangle down. Evans Lookout is a great lookout if you are seeking incredible views, picture perfect during the sunrise or sunset. If visiting in the early morning you may even see why the Blue Mountains got their name. A blue haze descends over the peaks of the mountains, believed to be caused by the thousands of eucalyptus trees.

  • Leura

    Looking for an interesting place for lunch? Leura is a quaint village within the Blue Mountains and is a great place to grab a quick lunch. The charming atmospheres has both natural wonders as well as an array of different shops to choose from. Head to the Everglades Gardens for a picnic and enjoy the perfectly manicured gardens. Or, head up to Sublime Point for amazing views and awesome rock climbing opportunities. The main street has plenty of quaint cafes, old fashioned toy and lolly shops, and plenty of welcoming locals to chat to!

  • Scenic World

    For the ultimate Blue mountains adventure, an essential stop is a scenic world. Renowned for getting you the best views in the range, the Scenic world offers a walkway, railway, sky way, as well as a scenic cable way. The railway is the steepest incline railway for passengers in the world. Cruise along the top of canopies as you look down at the lush bush land below. Explore the ancient forest floor and learn about the rare and endemic species of flora and fauna that live here.

  • The Three Sisters

    The most famous rock formation in this range is the Three Sisters. The aboriginal community of the land has a Dreamtime story regarding this formation. The story goes there were three beautiful sisters who fell in love with three brothers from a neighbouring tribe. Unfortunately, the three sisters have a tragic end after receiving help from a witch doctor. Learn more about this story, and its contention, when you visit the formation for yourself!

  • River Cruise

    Instead of driving back through the peak hour traffic on your way back to the city, instead, opt for a cruise along the Parramatta River. This voyage finishes at either Circular Quay or Darling Harbour. See the beautiful scenery along the way, spotting the bright lights of the city once you arrive in the harbour. A tranquil end to a busy sightseeing day.

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