The Penguin Parade is just one of the joyous activities for people to enjoy at Phillip island.

Little Penguin, Phillip Island

These furry little creatures come waddling up the shoreline at sunset every day of the year, returning to their homes after a tiring day’s fishing. Given that sunset is much later in summer than in winter, you might want to plan your visit ahead, especially if you have kids who might not want to stay up waiting for the little penguins to come in!

This being said, winter can be pretty chilly on Phillip Island, so it’s best to weigh up your options before making the trip down.

And while the Penguin Parade might be the star attraction down on Philly, there are plenty of other awesome adventures that make this island such a magical place to visit.

Let’s take a look at some.

  • There are seals, too!

    Phillip Island is a wildlife paradise, meaning there is a huge range of species that live alongside the celebrity penguin populous. One of these loveable animals is the fur seal, which inhabit the area appropriately called Seal Rocks. A population of some 25,000 fur seals spend their time lazing around the coastline just around the bend from the parade itself. You can spend ages watching these loveable layabouts hanging out on the rocks, and it is the perfect activity to enjoy before heading over to the Penguin Parade.

  • Snorkel at Kitty Miller Bay

    Snorkelling on the southern coast may not be as world famous activity as its northern reefy neighbour, but Killy Miller Bay does a pretty good job of making up for that! Kitty Miller Bay is 500 metres of protected coastal wonderland, with otherworldly rock platforms, seagrass beds and seaweed gardens strewn across the water below. This is an awesome spot to see the Island’s sea life, with leather jackets, rays, zebrafish and the Port Jackson shark all calling the serene waters home.

  • Learn to surf

    You might be getting the idea that Phillip Island is a water lover’s paradise, and you’re not wrong, as the island is also the perfect place to learn to surf. Surfers from grommets to pros love getting down to pristine surf spots like Cape Woolamai and the National Surfing Reserve to take on the swells. It’s the perfect place to learn as well as take your skills to the next level.

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