If you’ve been looking at our Phillip Island tours, you’ll have noticed that a lot of them have upgrades, but what upgrade works best for you?

The penguin parade is one of the most popular attractions on Phillip Island. Each night hundreds of little penguins make their way up the beach after spending the day fishing in the ocean.

Up the beach they return to their nesting boxes where they can rest safely for the night, protected from foxes and other predators. Nightly visitors flock to the beach to watch them as they waddle up the shore ready to tuck themselves into bed for the night.

  • Penguins Plus

    Choosing to upgrade your tour to Penguins Plus will give you access to some of the best viewing areas along the beach. Moving from general viewing to Penguin Plus viewing means you’ll see more penguins and see them wander further up the coast.

    This unique viewing area fits seamlessly with its surrounds. This unique design gives you a real fly on the wall experience, as you sit amongst nature watching the penguins march along.

  • Underground Viewing 

    Come eye to eye with the little penguins as they make their way up the beach. Head into an underground bunker where you’ll be able to watch as they waddle right past you!

    The bunker is limited to only 70 people, so you’re guaranteed an intimate viewing of the penguins. Plus, the penguins favourite route goes right past the bunker window! So you’re sure to see plenty of them waddling along past you. With the added benefit of being underground you’re well protected from the elements.

  • Guided Ranger Tour

    Take a tour with your informative ranger guide to learn more about this impressive penguin colony and their presence on Phillip Island. Your knowledgeable ranger will answer all your questions before leading you to your beachfront viewing area.

    Use binoculars to search the waters for small flocks of penguin’s assembly together before making their way across the beach.

  • Sky Box

    This tour will take you behind the scenes of life as a Phillip Island ranger. Heading into the ranger sky box, your ranger will run you through their nightly procedure. Learn how they count the penguins and monitor the beach as they emerge from the water.

    Next, you’ll move to the underground viewing area. In the bunker you’ll get a closer look at the flightless birds journey up the sand.

Viewing areas

Viewing Area

Listing the great benefits of each upgrade is all good and well, but it can be hard to visualise! We’ve created the below graphic to help you see the locations of each viewing platform.

As you can see each of our Phillip Island penguin upgrades have their benefits. We hope this breakdown helps remove the guesswork when booking your tour to Phillip Island.

All of our upgrades have maximum capacity numbers and we highly recommend booking in advance. This is especially important if you’re visiting during peak season or Australian school holidays.

No matter which upgrade you choose we’re positive you’ll love this unique experience!

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