The enduring beauty & excitement of the Sydney Opera House

Sydney is one of the world’s great travel destinations: a beautiful seaside city of stunning beaches, a breathtaking harbour and world class architecture. There are many things that make Sydney the top of the tourist radar, from the majestic Harbour Bridge to Bondi’s vibrant splendour, but the crown jewel of Sydney attractions has to be that of the ever-beloved Opera House.

Famed for its gigantic arched, expressionist design and as the host of some 1,500 performances each year, the Sydney Opera House simply cannot be missed by anyone visiting the Harbour City.

Visitors can take the time to meander around its unmistakable arches, climb the steps until they are right outside its grand sales, and even take a tour of its hallowed theatres and concert hall.

There are four unforgettable tours that make the Sydney Opera House the perfect Sydney attraction. Let’s take a look at these tours and why they should be on your Sydney itinerary.

The Beyond the Stage tour

This unique tour takes you behind the curtains to where performers and staff rush around in between acts. This small-group tour is hosted by a knowledgeable local guide, who will regale fun facts, history and anecdotes of the house while taking you to some of the building’s most breathtaking vantage points.

The House After Dark tour

This is a truly exciting and fun-filled tour that is full of facts and frights. Traverse secret passageways and dimly lit corridors as you experience the scares and secrets that make the Opera House as mysterious as it is globally revered. The tour begins with a drink and dessert canapes in a hidden immersive space, something that is needed to boost the courage for this fright-filled, unmissable experience.

Foodie tours

The Sydney Opera House is one of the world’s most elegant buildings, right? So it should come as no surprise that the building has a pretty decent cooking connotation attached to its name. Connoisseurs will have the chance to go on progressive dining experiences, tasting the delights that make the Opera House very much a gastronomic destination as well as a theatre-lover’s paradise.

Kid-friendly tours

The Sydney Opera House provides a joyous junior adventure tour that teaches budding creatives about the fun, facts and history of Australia’s favourite show venue. This tour is perfect for both kids and adults to learn about this extraordinary building and its unparalleled history.

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