The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most mesmerising natural wonders in the world. Spreading out along the eastern coast of Australia, it is a haven of breath-taking marine life and stunning sea views.

Here, you can discover ancient coral cays and swim alongside some of the world’s most fascinating creatures. Diving is a popular activity in the region, but if you don’t want to dive, you can always try snorkelling instead. The Great Barrier Reef is home to some of the most accessible reefs on the planet, which makes for excellent snorkelling conditions.

The only requirements if you want to snorkel is an ability to swim and fairly good fitness levels.

Taking a Snorkelling Tour

The majority of snorkelling day trips in the Great Barrier Reef also included a guided tour to show you all the best spots in the vicinity. Many of them will take you to pretty sandy cays and remote islands where you can simply walk down the beach and into the ocean.

If you have never snorkelled before, you’ll be shown all the basics before you get started, as well as a detailed rundown on how to use the equipment to snorkel safely. This is an amazing opportunity to see some of the region’s jaw-dropping marine life and explore the underwater world that this part of the planet is so famous for.

The water is warm and the views are spectacular, regardless of if you’re below the water or above it.

What to bring

All your snorkelling equipment will be provided for your tour. However, there are a few things you’ll need to bring yourself. Make sure to pack bathers! We recommend wearing them under your clothes already so you are ready to jump in the water once you reach the reef. Additionally, sun protection is a must in Australia. Always bring a sunhat and sun glasses, as well as reef-safe SPF 30+ sunscreen. Light clothing and a towel are also useful to have with you for your tour.

What You Can See When Snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef

As you probably know, the Great Barrier Reef is home to a hugely diverse selection of marine life, which is just waiting to be discovered and explored.

Keep your eyes peeled for colourful tropical fish as they bob between the thick corals, and look out for ancient turtles, harmless sharks, and stingrays. Each coral reef offers its own ecosystem, so there are plenty of different species to be found and each and every one. With any snorkelling tour, you’ll be taken to a variety of spots to discover the sheer diversity of the region.

If you’re looking for adventure but don’t want to try diving, snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef is the perfect option whilst in Cairns. Not only will you get to experience the natural wonder in all its glorious beauty, but you’ll be able to discover the rich underwater world without having to go through any rigorous diving training.

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