The Great Barrier Reef is home to an incredible array of coral and marine life. The very best way to see its beauty is to go for a swim!

Swimming on the Great Barrier Reef

The very best way to see the Great Barrier Reef is to snorkel or dive. Getting in the crystal-clear water, you’ll see up close and personal just how vibrant the reef truly is. The waters you’ll swim in are incredibly safe all year round, and it is extremely rare to experience surf conditions, strong currents, or dangerous animals.

  • Snorkelling

    The Great Barrier Reef is one of the best snorkelling reefs in the world. Its abundance of coral formations and the vast range of marine animals makes it perfect to view from just below the surface. With many areas of the 2,300km long reef being very shallow, you’ll feel as though you’re on the ocean floor!

    There are many snorkelling opportunities on offer, ranging from self-led swims to fully guided tours. Snorkelling is a fantastic option for those who are not as confident in the water or are looking for a less strenuous swimming adventure than diving.

  • Diving

    Novice and experienced divers alike cannot resist the opportunity to get ever closer to the reef. With some of the best ocean life in the world, it’s understandable why you might want to get deeper than snorkelling allows for! There are several regularly dived sites, including shallower protected areas for first-timers and deeper sites on the outskirts of the reef for experienced divers.

    The most common way to get to these sites is via boat. No matter where you’re staying there is bound to be a diving expedition for your experience level leaving that day. Many ports have multiple expeditions leaving each day, so you’re sure to find one to suit your needs.

    First-time divers are always accompanied by experienced instructors to guide them through the experience. Your guide will help you see the very best the reef has to offer. Certified divers may be able to join expeditions heading to further, deeper sites.

  • Sea Walking

    What is sea walking you ask? Sea walking is the newest way to view the Great Barrier Reef. Go as deep as divers with the swimming experience of a snorkeller.

    Wearing specially made helmets, participants are submerged into the water until they reach the seafloor where they walk and breathe as they would on land. Sea walking is a fantastic way for non-swimmers to get in the water and see the reef up close.

Safety when swimming in the Great Barrier Reef

It’s clear to see why getting in the water is the best way to see this under the sea wonder world. That said, it’s important that you follow all safety instructions when on the reef. Before getting in the water your instructor will give you a safety briefing. By swimming safely you’re not only protecting yourself but ensuring you’re not causing any harm or damage to the reef and its inhabitants.

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