Our Great Barrier Reef tours have a whole host of upgrade options. Though different tours have different experiences for you to choose from, we thought we’d do a quick rundown of what’s available, to help you decide which upgrade to book!

  • Glass Bottom Boats

    Glass bottom boats are the ultimate family- friendly way to see the Great Barrier Reef. These specially designed boats are semi-submerged and feature solid glass bottoms. This allows you to sit safe and dry within the boat and still see the magical world below the water.

    Glass bottom boats are fantastic for those who are not confident swimmers or people travelling with children too young to participate in snorkelling or diving tours. Glass bottom boats are a great upgrade option for those looking to add something a bit special to their tour.

  • Beginner Dives

    While many of our tours include snorkelling opportunities, beginner dives are generally an optional add on. Diving is an incredibly unique experience and a lot of careful preparation goes into ensuring your safety while in the water.

    Beginner dive upgrades include your equipment to dive. You’ll have an instructional session where your guide will teach you to safely move through the water. Your dive instructor will stay with you for the duration of your dive and guide you through the water pointing out the best parts of the reef for you to see.

  • Certified Dives

    Certified Dives are available for experienced divers on a number of our tours. These dives are specifically for individuals who are certified divers and cannot be booked by anyone who doesn’t hold a certification.

    Certified dives do not include the same briefings, safety instructions and support of beginner dives.

  • Seawalker helmet dives

    If you want to get onto the ocean floor but aren’t a keen swimmer, then seawalker helmet dives are the experience for you!

    Participants don astronaut-like helmets that provide constant airflow to the wearer from the surface using specially connected tubes. Once you’ve descended into the water, you’ll be able to walk along the ocean floor. In fact, you simply walk like you do on land! It’s truly a perfect experience for anyone wanting to get up close to the reef but isn’t a confident swimmer.

    Seawalker helmet dives do not require any special equipment however you may choose to wear a stinger suit during stinger season.

  • Snorkel Tours

    Snorkelling is a great, minimal instruction required, way to explore the reef. With crystal clear waters you’re able to see the reef brilliantly even without going to into the depths. Snorkelling sees you swimming along the surface of the water. Using a mouthpiece to breathe,you can glide through the water facedown for longer.

    Snorkelling upgrades include all your equipment as well as very important/useful stinger suits to protect yourself against stings.

As you can see, we offer a host of upgrades on our Great Barrier Reef tours. Different tours have different upgrade options so be sure to check out the ‘Inclusions’ tab to see what upgrades are available!

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