Nestled within the desert landscape of the region lies Kata Tjuta, also known as the Olgas, where visitors marvel at the native plants and animals of the region.

Taking in the ancient landscape that has remained the same for thousands of years. The area offers a range of walks for visitors, with one of the most popular beings through Walpa Gorge and the Valley of the Winds.

Walpa Gorge is a breathtaking creek shoulder it’s a way through the two tallest domes of Kata Tjuta. The name ‘Walpa’ comes from the local language of the Anangu people, who have resided here for thousands of years. Walpa translates to whistle and refers to the gentle whistling sound the wind makes when breezing through the large rock domes.

It is a spectacular sight to see, with the water bringing an endless assortment of native animals and plants to the area. Seen as a desert refuge for many of the plants and animals that live in the Red Centre. Many of the plant species found here can’t be found anywhere else in the dry landscape, with groves of vibrant spearwood and pink daisy species.

The Walpa Gorge Walk

The trails weave through Kata Tjuta’s thirty-six majestic domes, showcasing these iconic rock formations up close and personal. If you choose to walk with a professional guide, you can hear the Dreamtime stories which go with the landscape, as well as learn about the ancient past of the Indigenous community of the region. The path follows a 2.6-kilometre return route, with a designated viewing platform that lies between the two large domes of Kata Tjuta. The magnificent scenery that visitors can see is truly worth the trek, featuring a vast view of the rocky terrain as far as the eye can see.

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