The spectacular natural wonder of Kata Tjuta, also known as the Olgas, is truly a worthwhile sight to see. Home to 36 steep sandstone monoliths that are scattered across the rugged and dry landscape.

There are a number of exceptional walks and lookout points to see this jaw-dropping wonder, with one of the greatest trails being the Valley of the Winds.

About the Valley of the Winds

The Valley of the Winds walk is one of the most popular ways to take in Kata Tjuta. It is just one of the two walks left in Kata Tjuta that remains open for visitors. The Valley of the Winds walks lets the public immerse themselves within Kata Tjuta’s domes. Carved through the domes in a loop, with two of the best lookout points around dotted along the trail. Offering breathtaking views across the impressive monoliths and the ancient landscape that surrounds the region.

When to walk the Valley of the Winds

The walk takes around three hours if visitors are taking their time, with the circuit route around 7.4 kilometres in length. If you prefer to take in this stunning natural wonder without the crowds, exploring the Valley of the Winds in the early morning is defiantly recommended. This also means you can beat the beaming heat which comes when the sun has fully risen, which can make your journey more of a pain then a fun adventure.

What you can see along the way

Along with the walking track, visitors will get the chance to see a range of stunning attractions. Due to Kata Tjuta having a creek running through it, there is an extensive assortment of unique flora and fauna. Some that are rarely found in the rest of the Red Centre. The region is rich in Aboriginal culture, with the landscape and natural sites imbued with ancient stories and cultural traditions. The lookouts are by far the biggest appeal to the region, both showcasing the incredible scenery of this unique dry landscape. The first lookout is the Karu lookout, where can see the domes from above, and get to peer into the sacred Anangu men’s area where no visitors are allowed. The next lookout is the Karingana lookout, with visitors having to trek uphill to see the highest peak’s view. Showcasing spectacular views of the ancient domes and the surrounding landscape beyond.

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