The Great Barrier Reef is made up of thousands of exquisite reefs, each one home to a unique range of coral and wildlife.

Saxon Reef is one of the tops visited reefs in the whole system, located between Norman Reef and Hasting Reefs. It covers over 1.9 square kilometres, with temperatures always warm no matter what time of year.

Why you should visit Saxon Reef

No matter what level of swimming you have under your belt, Saxon reef is fit for you. With many sections of the reef shallow enough for visitors can stand on, letting less experienced swimmers take a rest between discovering all the goodies found under the ocean’s surface. Although these shallow sections are without coral, many fish and larger species still roam the region, so you can simply duck your head in and see the creatures roam around your legs!

What you can see at the Reef

If you’re after a day of snorkelling, the sprawled coral formations of Saxon Reef is perfect. Large fish take up the majority of the reef’s water, with the most common species include the parrotfish and butterflyfish. These fish are easy to spot among the deep blue and are typically friendly with visitors. Their colourful green, blues, and yellow make for the best underwater snaps! If you are in the mood to go deeper, you can go down for a scuba dive and discover the deeper sections where you can be greeted by moray eels, painted crayfish, and large glass-eyed cod. There are even a few stingrays and reef sharks in these sections and promise for a thrilling discovery for swimmers.

Glass-Bottom Boat

If you aren’t up for getting your hair wet, opt for the Glass bottom boat tour instead. It is set on a small boat, featuring a completely clear floor, giving visitors the perfect view into the underwater world. Letting you see the fish and other marine life whiz below the boat as you slowly cruise above the reef.

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