When first seen, Norman Reef is a tranquil region, featuring clear blue waters as far as the eye can see.

But hidden right beneath the ocean’s surface is a truly unforgettable sight, a flurry of colourful fish and coral. Nestled around 80 kilometres from Cairns is one of the Great Barrier Reef’s supreme reef spots. Norman Reef is the most northern reef to visit from Cairns via boat.

About Norman Reef

It is a large reef section, with a depth of 10 to 20 metres, jam-packed with a variety of coral and wildlife. It is known to locals and expert divers as one of the best reefs for diving, due to its deeper sections of hidden wonders. Caves, large canyons, and hidden creatures can all be found here, making for a truly unique experience within the Great Barrier Reef. as one of the best diving spots in the country, Norman Reef is a dream come true for anyone who gets to explore it underwater. It’s filled with caves, corals, giant clams, turtles, and swim through areas that will make you believe you’re in another world. Due to its long depth, there isn’t just fish to see here, but a range of larger marine life roaming the seafloor. Its visibility is frequently astounding, often up to 30 metres visible for both snorkellers and divers.

Coral Gardens

Many divers come to Norman Reef to see the various coral gardens hidden about. These spots include Secret Garden, Turtle Bay, First Bommie and Troppos, all home to unforgettable sights and picturesque views of the underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef.

Giant Clams

Scattered along the seafloor is the Giant Clams of Norman Reef. Known for being the largest of all the molluscs in existence, measuring up to 1.3 metres in length and 250 kilograms in weight. Visitors can roam the sandy floor in search for these giant creatures, with the shells blending into the background except for their colour swirl which opens into their soft inside.

Moray Eels

Eels aren’t everyone’s favourite creature, but the moray eels are truly worth the site. They may not win any beauty contests, but there are fascinating creatures to see, with their slim bodies easing through the water gracefully. There are over 200 different moray eels in the ocean, with Norman Reef having just a couple types to see in person.

Manta Rays

Typically mistaken for the famous stingray, the manta rays are known for being the ‘devil’ cousins of the ray family. Due to their devil horn flaps located on their mouth. They are the biggest rays on earth, measuring up to 9 metres, so seeing one up close and personal is truly a worthwhile sight to see.

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