Located only an hour’s drive outside of Cairns, Port Douglas is the quiet retreat for those looking for a sunny beach-side town away from the crowds and chaos.

Home to silky soft sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and palm trees scattered about, Port Douglas is truly worth the visit.

About the Port Douglas

Port Douglas is overlooked by many for its bigger brother Cairns, but for those looking for all the luxury’s big cities can provide without the crowds, this region is for you. It is the perfect base point to park yourself at, being a gateway to both the underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef and the brilliant green Daintree Rainforest. Giving off Hampton-esque vibes with a tropical twist, Port Douglas’ streets are filled with local shops, five-star resorts, and a number of excellent bars and restaurants.

Hit the Beach

What better way to enjoy a tropical vacation than by lounging on the main beach of Port Douglas? Named the Four Mile Beach, the sandy strip stretches out, yes you guessed it, four miles, giving you plenty of room to layout your towels away from other beachgoers.

Do a Day Adventure

Due to Port Douglas being so close to iconic attractions, spending a day out of the region is a must. Either hop on a boat for a day of snorkelling or scuba diving in the colourful corals of the Great Barrier Reef. Or lace up those walking shoes and trek within the lush greenery that is the Daintree Rainforest.

Enjoy the Resort Lifestyle

Indulge within Port Douglas’ world of fine dining, bohemian boutiques and spa massages. No matter what resort you choose, you’ll be pampered with goodies for your entire stay at Port Douglas. Having all your troubles and aches melt away from the ongoing spoiling this region insists on.

Watch the Cane Toad Race

After the Cane Toad was introduced to Australia’s northern region, the creatures have taken over. Swarming the streets and bushland and being an overall pest to the locals. However, Port Douglas has used the overwhelming amount of toads to their advantage, setting up the tourist attraction of cane toad racing. Here visitors can head to the local pub and bet on a cane that will win the race across a table. It is an ongoing tradition and a beloved activity for all involved!

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