Things to do in Apollo Bay

Feel the sand between the toes and wind through your hair at the beachside oasis Apollo Bay. The perfect Great Ocean Road getaway, Apollo Bay has all the charm and beauty of Lorne with half of the tourists!

Begin your day in the cool, refreshing ocean. The beaches along Apollo Bay are some of the calmest and safest for visitors to enjoy no matter what water activities they participate in. Whether you’re swimming, diving, surfing or kayaking across the bay the water the beach is beautiful. There are plenty of incredible shipwrecks for divers to explore and enjoy. Avid surfers are in for a treat with consistent swells and great surf year-round.

Take in a breath of fresh air as you explore the ancient rainforest known as the Otways. Wind your way through the dense greenery and head to Australia’s oldest lighthouse. This ocean has claimed over 600 ships but this lighthouse saved many more from recking on the shallow reefs.

Wander through lush ferns and alongside crashing waterfalls. Feel the mist on your face as you hike or mountain bike through the national park. Explore the canopy more than 10m above the ground on the Otway Fly. You’ll be treated to a bird’s eye view of the magnificent Otway Ranges.

This region is home to thriving native animal populations from orange-bellied parrots to koalas and even whales (!) there are plenty of animals to spot around Apollo Bay. Head to the nearby Kennett River and spot one of Victoria’s largest surviving koala population. Keep your eyes in the sky, these sleepy marsupials spend most of their time in the forks of the tall gums on the hill.

If you’re lucky enough to be in Apollo Bay between May and September you might just catch a glimpse of the right southern whales migrating. The whales return to Apollo Bay each year and have been known to birth and raise calves. Look out for their large v-shaped tails breaching the water far out to sea. They can grow up to 18m long, so you’ll know if you’ve seen one!

After a day of beach fun, hiking the rainforest or searching for native wildlife, you’ll need a filling and delicious meal. Lucky for you, Apollo Bay is one of the seafood capitals of Victoria. These waters are brimming with delicious, high-quality seafood. From snapper to crayfish there is something for every kind of seafood lover.

Find yourself a restaurant with ‘catch of the day’ or ‘fresh seafood’ on the menu and you’re sure to have found a winner. But what if you want to enjoy your meal watching the sunset on the beach? Then head to the Fisherman’s Co-Op and select your perfect banquet of seafood delicacies. The chefs in Apollo Bay are well aware of their duty to honour the incredible fresh seafood their serving, so you’re always sure to have a great dining experience.

Apollo Bay is a dream escape along the Great Ocean Road that absolutely should not be missed!

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