Nestled at the far end of the Flinders Chase National Park on Kangaroo Island is the awesome Admirals Arch.

Carved out of the rock by centuries of natures force, the archway is truly a spectacle.

How was it formed

Admirals Arch was formed by centuries of erosion. Harsh coastal winds and crashing ocean waves fought against the limestone cliffs, slowly but surely wearing away at it. Eventually the limestone was worn away entirely, and a small hole was formed. Over the years the hole continued to grow and grow until the stunning arch we see today was formed.

The arch isn’t complete though, for many more years to come its surrounds will continue to pound and erode it, until one day there may not be an arch at all.

Visiting the arch

If you’re planning on visiting Admirals Arch, the best way to do so is to follow the Admirals Arch Walk.

The 1-kilometre track is an easy walk, taking approximately 15 minutes to complete. Starting at the visitors centre car park, you’ll walk along the coastline until you reach the lookout point. Listen to the sound of the waves pounding the coast from the Southern Ocean and breathe in the crisp ocean air.

One of the most peculiar features of Admirals Arch is the stalactites that dangle from the top of the arch. Before the arch was eroded to be hollow it was a cave, and the stalactites formed then. The floor, however, is incredibly smooth from the water constantly washing over it.

The track is a boardwalk, so you don’t need to stress about getting lost. There are several lookout points along the way where you can watch as fur seals sunbake on the warm rocks below. The walkway leads you to the Cape du Couedic Lightstation, which has guarded the coast of the island since 1909.

The first three-quarters of the walk is wheelchair and pram accessible, however, the path eventually descends a set of stairs to the arch.

Seals Below

Admirals Arch is one of the best places to see Australian and New Zealand Fur Seals. They flock to the island to mate and rear their young. Watch for pups playing in the nearby rock pools as their mothers watch over them.

They can be seen on the rocks all year round, however, summer is their peak breeding season. Watch for seals hunting in the water, bringing back food for their family. Further out to sea dolphins are frequently seen jumping across the horizon. During the winter months, whales migrate along this coast. Be patient and keep your eyes on the horizon, you never know what you might see across the horizon.

Nearby Attractions

Admirals Arch isn’t the only attraction in this area. The popular Remarkable Rocks and Cape du Couedic Lightstation are just a short walk away, making this area the perfect place to spend an afternoon.

Admirals Arch is a stunning example of the power of nature. The beautiful rock formation should not be missed, be sure to add it to your Kangaroo Island itinerary today!

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