Kangaroo Island is a haven of natural scenery and landmarks. Throughout the lush expanse of rainforest and pristine beaches, there is a whole host of animal life to admire, as well as a range of incredible natural monuments that have been carved by the elements over thousands of years.

The Remarkable Rocks are one of the island’s most popular attractions, consisting of a collection of huge granite boulders that are perched on top of a lava dome. Set 200 feet above the crashing waves below, they cast an unusual and surreal silhouette against the island’s coastline.

The rocks themselves have been created by eroding winds, sea spray, and rain over around 500 million years, and continue to change shape today as they battle the elements. They provide an excellent photo opportunity for tourists, as well as the chance to experience some of Australia’s weird and wonderful natural scenery.

How the Rocks Were Formed

During the Ordovician period around 500 million years ago, the earth’s core was made up of granite. During this time, Kangaroo Island formed part of the supercontinent, Godwana, which encompassed Australia, South America, Africa, India, and Antarctica. Around 150 million years ago, this supercontinent began to break up, and Australia took much of the Ordovician granite with it.

The continuous pummeling of the wind of the island and the relentless sea spray has led to the granite being carved in bizarre and fascinating shapes.

The Best Time to Visit Remarkable Rocks

Visiting Remarkable Rocks is something that’s best done in the early evening or early morning when the low sun casts a surreal glow over the natural monument. During these times, you’ll get to avoid the larger crowds of the daytime, as well as get to marvel at the sunset as it takes place around the sculptures.

How to Experience Remarkable Rocks

The rocks are accessible via a wooden boardwalk that takes visitors as close as possible to the monument. In the end, the boardwalk opens out into a platform that provides the perfect vantage point from which to look out at the rocks from. From there, you can also catch a glimpse of the surrounding bays, as well as the charming silhouette of the Cape Du Couedic Lighthouse.

If you want to learn more about Kangaroo Island’s fascinating natural history, the Remarkable Rocks are a great place to start – just don’t forget to bring your camera!

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